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Interested in following what’s going on in the world of logo design? Here are a few of the top news stories this week:

The new logo to be used on Miami Marlins uniforms next year was leaked. We’re don’t think it’s an improvement over the old logo. Maybe it was leaked to generate bad press and sent the project back to the drawing board? If so, it appears to be working.

Not to be outdone, a new Toronto Blue Jays logo was also leaked. This one we like.

Hyatt introduced a new logo for it’s Hyatt House division of extended stay hotels. See the press release here, which describes but doesn’t show the new logo, which you can find here.

Heineken also introduced a new look for it’s corporate brand this week. We like it’s clean, strong look. From the sound of it, the packaging you’ll see in the supermarket won’t be changing (yet).

The Seattle Times has a nice article about Terry Heckler, the designer who created the Starbucks logo (among others). Worth reading if you have even a passing interest in logo design.

Kashiwa Sato created a new logo for the “Cool Japan” campaign designed to create more interest in Japan after a bad year of publicity (Tsunami, nuclear meltdown, etc.). Check it out here.

Logo Design Love points us to a short history (video) of the Ferrari logo. Interesting.

Finally, the 2010 WOLDA Logo Design Contest winners were announced. Some nice work, worth checking out. And the owners of the site appear to be looking for someone to take on the contest next year, in case you’re interested.

Did we leave anything out? If so, add your link in the comments.

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