Logo Design This Week (1.6)

In the sixth edition of our weekly round-up of all things related to logo design, here’s what caught our eye (and what you might be interested in):

It seems as if Wells Fargo has started updating its signage in North Carolina, prompting this little write-up about the potential risks and rewards of changing a logo.

Two universities we had not heard of before updated their logos: The Richards Group did a lovely logo design for Parker, while Scott Thornley and Company did a nice logo for Laurier. The Laurier logo cost about $100,000. No word on the cost of the Parker logo.

Is using a logo containing the Confederate flag on a license plate a good idea? Do we really have to answer this?

Tributes.com, an obituary website started by one of the founders of Monster.com gets a new logo, here.

We agree with this criticism of a font based on the hideous London Olympics logo.

Moleskin, the maker of beautiful sketch notebooks, stirred up some controversy with a contest to design a new logo. For most companies this would be no big deal, but because so many designers use Moleskin notebooks, it didn’t go over so well.

The Maldives got a new logo (which we like), but it didn’t take long for people to point out it sure looks like some other logos they’ve seen (cough, Ocean Conservancy, cough). And we do have to admit that printed at small sizes, it’s not very easy to see what the green ring is made up of. This logo doesn’t work well in small sizes.

Giant XL launches a somewhat radical logo design in a very conservative space. Interesting to what will happen.

Houston design agency, Adhere Creative, donated a logo to a local non-profit, Adult Reading Center, and grabs a headline for their trouble.

Canadian TV channel, Comedy, will unveil a new logo early next week. Here’s your sneak preview.

Should logos be more honest. Logo Design Love linked to this slightly older post featuring designs by Viktor Hertz. Take a look.

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