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Logo Design This Week (1.7)

When it comes to logo design news, no one does it better. Here’s a roundup of everything happening in the world of logo design, or at least the stuff that caught our eye this week:

Two churches have the same name and essentially the same logo. Add it all up and you get a legal dispute. Never mind there are similarly named churches in more than 20 states.

There’s a new logo for Daytona Beach’s Bike Week.

A couple of links related to fonts. First, the 8 worst fonts in the world (with lists of designer favorites as well). Second, courtesy of Spoon Graphics, a list of 20 free fonts all logo designers ought to have in their libraries. Third, a new font helps dyslexics read more easily.

Home building product maker Royal Group changes its name to Royal Building Products and gets a new logo in the process.

The University of Southern California is launching a new logo identity, switching from red and gold to red and black. Hmmmm. The old one was cleaner…

SALT launches an interesting approach to its new logo, but we wonder if this somewhat hard to read font doesn’t just confuse potential customers more than stand out. Seems a little “designer-esque” to us.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, check out this exhibit about how 13 famous brands have refreshed their logos over time.

And for sports fans, the best ever logos used in the NBA (according to Bleacher Report). We can’t agree with the Detroit Piston’s choice—not sure the tin man could dunk. But most of the others are pretty good. Also, the Baltimore Orioles will be using an old logo on their uniforms this year.

Last, but not least, here’s this week’s Google Doodle—the regular reworking of the Google logo on their homepage. This one is a bit different, a time lapse of the carving of six massive pumpkins. A very unique way to display a logo.

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