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Logo Design This Week 2.35

It’s been seven days since we took our last look at the news in the world of logo design. And that means it’s about time for another quick review of what’s being happening. Here’s a list of the things that caught our attention:

Let’s start off with a couple of logo controversies. The Washingtoon Huskies don’t like the logo that Chino Hills high school has been using—it’s a little to close to their mark. Staples took a similar approach to the logo being used by competitor Shoplet.com, which is using a tab logo and color very similar to Staples. We’re not sure about the confusion between colleges and high schools, but this second mark is definitely too close for comfort.


If you’re into logos at all (and you pretty much have to be if you’re reading this blog post), you’ll like the newly reissued book, Logo RIP: Life Histories of 100 Famous Logos. It’s exactly what you’d expect, a collection of histories about logos that are no longer in use. We’ve added it to our wish list.

Which brings us to the news that Avis’ old logo is no longer in use. They’ve introduced a new mark (and stopped using the tag line: We Try Harder). The new mark is okay, but we think dropping the tagline is a tragedy. There has been a little criticism that this new logo looks exactly like all of the other new san serif logos that brands are adopting lately, including the new Microsoft logo we showed you a few weeks ago. Like these. Yeah, probably.

Another logo controversy… this one is almost too crazy to believe. A men’s clothing store in India is being forced change it’s name and logo. The owners are surprised that anyone would think they have a problem. After all they spent $2500 on the logo and they like it. So what’s the problem? The store is called Hitler. And the i is dotted with a swaztika. You can’t make this stuff up.

Cablevision unveiled a new logo for their optimum product line. The new logo will be used on all “customer-facing platforms”. That means on uniforms, service trucks, web sites, and brochures. This logo was created by NY design shop, Collins. Nice work.

The Hershey Bears have a new logo. We guess that’s news. But we’d get more excited if this were a new logo for Hershey Bars. Mmmmm, chocolate.

Speaking of mmmmm. Every vegetable (and fruit) should have its own logo. Joining the ranks of the logo-ed fruits this week is the humble Chilean Avacado. This logo is supposed to high-light the country of origin for these delicious treats. And make them seem more upscale. We’re not in the habit of thinking of how upscale our guacamole is, but okay.

Lots of small and local brands got new logos this week. Littleton MA got a jump on their 300th anniversary by designing a logo two years early. I guess that’s so they have time to get it on all the tercentenary schwag that Littleton citizens will be buying in two years. The Alaska Marine Highway system rolled out a new logo to celebrate their 50th anniversary. DeSoto county has a new logo featuring the cupola of the county courthouse. And the Baton Rouge Gallery has a new logo, as well. Same is true for the not-yet-oepn eatery B Too, which has a trendy new logo featuring a mollusk. And finally (at least for this round up) Wyke Farms unveiled a new logo after it won the most votes in the brand’s Facebook competition.

No new Google doodles in the USA this week. Did we miss anything? Let us know below…

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