Logo Design News This Week 3.11

TGIF, right? And that means we’re not just a few hours from the start of a weekend, but we’re also taking a look back at the all the news worth noting in the world of logo design. So without further ado, here’s what caught our attention this week:

Cabot Logo DesignWe really like this new logo for Boston area chemical and specialized materials manufacturer, Cabot. The logo is designed to connect to the old logo by maintaining the all-black, capital lettering of Cabot, but adds a colorful new chevron. The yellow, orange, and red represent the company’s energetic approach to innovation. Or at least that’s what the press release said. We like it.

This is pretty cool: logo designs as art. Logo lovers and modern art lovers will find something here to like. Kind of Warholesque.

Hudson's Bay Logo DesignAnother new logo design we like was announced last week for Hudson’s Bay department stores. The new logo is a vast improvement over the old. The new logo returns the company to its historic name (more recently it’s been called “The Bay”). It’s a big change for the company, as the old logo has been in use since 1965. But the new logo is cleaner, easier to read, and trades on the firm’s long history. It will be interesting to see how customers react—or if they react.

Speaking of reacting to logos, people in South Australia don’t much care for the new logo unveiled last week. Several people have suggested other ideas. We have to admit, the new logo is growing on us.

Vevo Logo DesignThere were a few new logo from the world of television and entertainment unveiled this week. We saw a new logo for MBI, the music giant. Vevo is launching a new always-on TV channel from their website and apps and has a new logo to go along with it. And finally we saw a new logo for Australian Pay-TV company, Foxtel. There are a lot of cool brand executions at that last link.

Old Greenville Logo DesignWe love this story, but not because of the new logo. We love it because it illustrates so well what we’ve been saying about the futility of using a logo to “brand” a small town. It turns out that there are 36 Greenvilles in the United States. So Greenville South Carolina  is rolling out a new logo and ad campaign to let you know this is the “happy Greenville.” The other 35 must be such sad places. From the article: “There is a sea of sameness out there, but our Greenville is not just an ordinary Greenville; we’re that Greenville.” Yeah, that will work. Unfortunately the news report doesn’t include the new happy G logo, so this is the old logo (we think).

City of Plano Logo DesignSpeaking of new logos for small communities and organizations, there are a few others we stumbled across this week, including this new logo for South Jersey Community Impact designed by a high school student, this new logo for Grand Forks B.C., a new logo for the Peterborough library designed by another high school student, and a proposed update to the logo for the City of Plano.

We’re suckers for feel-good logo stories like this one. Way to go Azhud.

We’re also suckers for logo controversies like this one. Is £7625 (roughly $12,000) too much to spend on a logo? It is when you can design a logo for $49.

UCONN Husky Logo DesignIn sports logo news, there are reports that the University of Connecticut are thinking of updating their logo to something meaner, to scare the competition. Forgive us, but we always thought the was the job of the athletes. But the real story is that last fall UCONN forced a local high-school to change their husky logo because it was too close to theirs (we wrote about it here). Perhaps The Morgan School can have their old logo back now?

More from the Sports Logo Department: Last July, we pointed to reports that the Miami Dophins were thinking about a new logo design this year. This week there were reports that the new logo had leaked. Alas, it was not to be.

Business of fashion asks, has luxury logo fatigue reached a tipping point?

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Google LogoWe wrap us this week with a look at a couple of notable Google logos from the past 7 days. The first celebrated International Women’s Day, with a logo made of a diverse collection of women’s faces. The second new logo celebrated the late Douglas Adams’ birthday. Fans of Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series will appreciate the answers provided by the Guide, including “42″ and “Mostly Harmless”.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.


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