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Logo Design News This Week 3.16

What a crazy week. Here’s some news that might take your mind off all the weird stuff that’s been going on—the latest happenings from the world of logo design. Check it out:

New Stern Logo DesignWe don’t see a lot of new logos for leading news publications, just one or two a year, so the new logo for Stern (Germany’s Time Magazine) is pretty big news. It’s not a dramatic change, in fact, if you weren’t told about the update, you might not notice the subtle rounding of the letters to make the mark look “stronger, friendlier, and more modern.” If you read German, you can learn more here. Or check out what Pentagram (the agency that did the work) has to say about the project here.

Add this new logo to the file, Logos We Hate.

New Lucky Strike Logo DesignAnother type of logo we don’t really see all that often is for cigarette manufacturers. But that changed this week when Lucky Strike unveiled an update to their logo. The new logo adds a bunch of company text in a circle around the name, which is also made less readable with a new font. The old logo is much better, but if cigarette companies make their logos less readable or less cool, maybe fewer people will take up smoking, instead taking up pastimes with better logos (we joke, we joke). Check this link for a collection of old Lucky Strike logos—LSMFT.

As we were writing this update, we got word that Facebook has updated their logo, flattening it by removing the plastic reflection effect. They’ve also update other icons associated with the site.

New Husky Logo DesignWe’ve known this was coming. UCONN unveiled their new logo after it leaked on the internet. It’s a really nice looking logo. But it seems there is a little problem in that it looks similar to the logo used by Houston Baptist. (Okay it’s not that similar.) That’s a little ironic, in that last year, UCONN forced a high school to give up their Husky logo because it was too similar to UCONN’s. Back to the logo. The old logo was probably too fluffy and nice. The new logo is more menacing. But it’s a very tight design and a good looking logo. We spotted another new collegiate athletics logo this week as well, this one for the Montana State Bobcats.

Need a quick logo-related read? American Express offers a few suggestions for creating a memorable company logo.

New Gala TV LogoMexican television station, Galavision, renamed itself “Gala TV” and announced a new logo design to go along with the rebrand. The new logo is a concept called, Caleidoscopio, and looks a bit like a tornado of color and hue. We like the mark quite a bit, but don’t love the type treatment, especially the shadowing on the letters that makes it harder to read.


Chinese care brand Chery unveiled a new logo and a new brand strategy.

Wreck-It Ralph Logo DesignThis isn’t new, but we came across this very interesting article about how designer Michael Doret created the title treatment (basically a logo) for last year’s Disney movie, Wreck-It Ralph. If you’ve ever wondered how an artist goes from concept to final designs, this is a good read. The process took several months and the article doesn’t include every single revision and round of feedback, but the pencil sketches of the first ideas show a nice breadth of thinking and some delightful ideas. We really like the way the design team captured the look and feel of early 8-bit game design. It’s a nice tribute to early game design (as is the movie).

Another interesting logo-related read: the return of the “frankenmark”, logos that combine a typographic treatment with an icon in the place of a letter. Though we aren’t sure we agree with the conclusion that “frankenmarks” don’t have staying power. Lots of logo concepts at the link.

Euler Google Logo DesignUnlike last week, we did get a new Google logo this week (it’s animated), this one celebrating Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler’s 306th birthday. He is considered one of the most important mathematicians of the 18th century.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.

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