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Another Logo Design Study Says Keep Your Logo Simple!

Last week’s post about how science proves a logo design can make a difference for your business got us thinking… What do scientists know about which logo design styles are best? Turns out there is a study that looked at … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need a Logo Design for My Small Business? Studies Say Yes.

  “Do I really need a logo for my small business? I’m just getting started.” That’s a question we get a lot. And while getting a logo design may not be the first thing you do when starting up, you … Continue reading

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Should Your Small Business Hire a Logo Designer?

Do you need a logo design for your small business? There are plenty of options for getting one, including our easy-to-use, do-it-yourself design tool found here. But our tool isn’t right for everyone. Your business may be better off with … Continue reading

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10 Quotes for Small Business from Nike Founder Phil Knight

Phil Knight discovered he was an entrepreneur while sitting in a small business class at Stanford School of Business. “That class was an ‘aha!’ moment,” he said. “[the professor] defined the type of person who was an entrepreneur—and I realized … Continue reading

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5 Design Mistakes Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Make—Ever

One of the problems with running a small business is that it is too easy to make mistakes that make you look small. You may not have a marketing staff or design team or even a personal assistant—which often means … Continue reading

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How to Add A Logo to Your Outlook Email Signature

We’ve written before about how to add your logo to the signature in both Gmail and Apple Mail. Today we tackle adding your logo to the biggest email program of all—Microsoft Outlook. It’s easy to do and helps keep your … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Keep In Mind When Creating Your Logo Design

Over the past few years, we’ve given a lot of advice about logo design. Things to do. Things to avoid. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind as you create the most important part of your company’s … Continue reading

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Logo Design, Names, Fonts, and Colors: How Much Do They Matter?

A few weeks ago, in his Monday Morning Memo, Roy Williams asked the question: How much do your name, logo, and color scheme really matter? His answer: A little. Mr. Williams points out that a company can succeed more than 50 … Continue reading

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5 Links Worth Reading—On Small Business & Logo Design

We strive to present interesting ideas and news in this blog for small business owners. Along the way we come across a lot of great information on other websites. Today we’ve collected a few that we’ve liked recently on subjects … Continue reading

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