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15 Questions to Ask about Your Logo Design, Part I

Whether you already have a logo, or are considering a new logo design, you’ll want to make sure that what you end up with is right for your business or product. Perhaps your current logo just doesn’t seem to fit … Continue reading

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6 Things Your Brand (and Logo Design) Can Learn from Lady Gaga

Love her or hate her, there’s no arguing with the fact that Lady Gaga knows how to get attention. Lots of it. Her Monster Ball Tour played to more than two and a half million fans and grossed close to … Continue reading

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How To Come Up With a Great Name for Your New Startup

Aside from the decision to start your own small business, choosing a name for your startup may be the most important thing you do. A good name can be worth millions of dollars, while a bad name can be fatal … Continue reading

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Logo Design 101: What Makes a Logo Great?

We’ve written before about how you can create a great logo design. So if you’re interested in the how-to, click that link. But what exactly makes a logo great? What is it about your favorite logos (or the logos you see … Continue reading

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What Best-selling Author James Patterson Can Teach Every Small Business Owner

James Patterson has published more than 100 books (selling almost 300 million copies) and long ago passed $1 Billion in book sales. A recent news item reported that since 2006, Patterson wrote 1 out of every 17 hardcover fiction books … Continue reading

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Jack Trout on Positioning for Small Business

I’ve been thinking a bit about positioning for a project that I’ve been working on. Doing some research I came across a couple of videos featuring Jack Trout, one of the co-authors of Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind. In … Continue reading

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8 Inspiring Quotes for Small Business from Kevin Plank

Kevin Plank, like so many successful entrepreneurs, saw a problem and began tinkering with ideas that would solve it. He hated how the cotton t-shirts he wore under his pads as a football player at the University of Maryland would … Continue reading

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Another Logo Design Study Says Keep Your Logo Simple!

Last week’s post about how science proves a logo design can make a difference for your business got us thinking… What do scientists know about which logo design styles are best? Turns out there is a study that looked at … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need a Logo Design for My Small Business? Studies Say Yes.

  “Do I really need a logo for my small business? I’m just getting started.” That’s a question we get a lot. And while getting a logo design may not be the first thing you do when starting up, you … Continue reading

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Should Your Small Business Hire a Logo Designer?

Do you need a logo design for your small business? There are plenty of options for getting one, including our easy-to-use, do-it-yourself design tool (found at that link). But our tool isn’t right for everyone. Your business may be better off … Continue reading

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