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Pick your favorite from more than 10,000 professionally designed images.
Add text, choose a font, play with colors and spacing to get it just right.
Download your free web-ready logo to use on your website or purchase high-resolution images to use on business cards, signs, stationery, and more!

Are you the type that needs more details? Here they are:

Step 1: Choose An Icon.
LogoMaker has more than 10,000 different icons to choose from. This isn't a clip art library, each one of our designs was created by a professional designer for use in a logo. You can search by category or key words to find the symbol that is just right for your business. You may find the toughest part of the whole process is narrowing your choices down with so many great options to choose from. Don't worry if you can't choose just one, LogoMaker lets you create and save up to six different logo designs—all for free.

Step 2: Use the Design Tool to Create Your Logo.
Once you've selected your favorite image, you'll go to a design layout page where you can customize your icon into a unique logo design. Click on the icon, then the different buttons on the left side of the page to flip or turn the image, change the size or colors, and choose a font. You can add up to two lines of text and customize it to fit perfectly with your icon. You can put text above, below or to the side of your icon and play with the angle, size, colors, and fonts. Once you're happy, click save.

Step 3: Download your logo.
Once you are satisfied with your logo, or if you want to save and return to finish your logo later, click continue. This will save your logo and create an account so you can login at any time and access your designs. To get your free web-ready logo, click the "Free Web Logo" button. This will give you the HTML code to paste into your website that will display your free logo. There is no fee or time limit on how long you can use this free logo.

If you want to use your logo for non-web applications like business cards or marketing materials, you can purchase your logo for just $49 and download the high-resolution files you need (EPS, JPG, and GIF) for these uses. When you purchase your logo, you become the owner of your design and can begin using it to build your business image.

Bonus: Put your logo to work!
After you purchase a high-resolution version of your logo, you can put it on anything from business cards and stationery to websites, shirts, hats, pens, and more. Simply click the "Shop the Store" button in your account to see what our partners can help you do. Or, click here to put your logo to work and see the options for using your logo design. Of course, you can always take your logo files to a local vendor of your choice.

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