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Five Questions to Ask About Your Company Logo

woman designing a logo on a tablet

[Updated February 2019]

Designing a logo for your business is a big deal; the image is what will be conveyed across multiple marketing channels and will be seen by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. It’s no small feat to design the best logo. While you may think you’ve made the best design possible, someone could take one look at it and be confused about what type of service you provide or what industry you’re in.

At Logo Maker, it’s our goal to make sure you’re set up for success when it comes to logo design. If you’re using our online logo maker tool, you may have already realized that you can create more than one variation of your business logo. After you create a few possible logo designs, we recommend going through this checklist of five questions. These questions will help you decide whether or not the logo you’ve created is a good fit for your business.

Questions to ask yourself regarding your logo design

1) Does your logo convey professionalism, trust, and know-how?

Your company logo is often the first impression a customer has of your business, and the importance of first impressions cannot be understated. A great logo helps customers not only understand what your business does but trust it too.

2) Does your logo reflect the attributes of your company?

If your company is conservative, you should be using traditional fonts and colors (something like maroon or navy). If it’s a progressive company, the logo should communicate boldness and action (red is good for this). The typeface, design, and colors of your corporate identity should be a representation of your company’s personality.

3) Does it speak to your target market?

When you look at your company logo, does it “reach out” to the people you’re trying to draw in?  Consider the market that you cater to (examples might include: housewives, bodybuilders, or high-schoolers), and ask yourself if your business logo is doing a good job directly getting the attention of that group.

4) How are you using your company logo?

Smart companies realize that a powerful corporate image attracts new customers and distinguishes it from competitors. As a result, you should use your logo on promotional products such as stationery, signs, flyers, brochures, vehicles, and your website. Keep in mind your logo should look as good when it’s one square inch as it does when it’s printed on a billboard.

5) Does your logo design do justice to your business?

Small businesses owners are some of the hardest working people in the world. But small businesses often don’t always have the time or the money to hire a logo designer to create a new corporate identity. Don’t give up. Online logo design tools like Logomaker make it easy for you to design and create a great logo in just minutes. (And if you want a professional design to work on your project for a reasonable price, we can help with that, too.)

If you look at your logo and worry it’s not doing all that it can to help your business succeed, it might be time for a logo makeover. Just let us know how we can help.