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Start-ups Are Hard. Read This Post.

We take a short break from our regular posts on subjects like logo design and what not to do with your logo, to write a little more about starting a small business. We hope you find this helpful…


You want to start a new business.

You have the idea. Or the skills. You may even have the money.

But getting things done is hard. Real hard.

Your start-up requires more than just an idea, or a skill, or money.

It requires more than a nice power-point. Or a business plan. Or a partner.

It will require your personal time, your family time, your money, and more.

And hard work. Lots of it.

At times you’ll want to quit.

You may sleep under your desk.

Or work 36 hours straight.

Or not see your family for a week.

Everything will take longer than you think.

And cost more than you want.

You may have to work without a salary. Or benefits. Or insurance.

And despite all your sacrifices, you might fail.

Are you up for that?

We recently came across this post at Uncrunched. It may give you a taste of just how hard succeeding at your new venture will be. If you are starting a new business, you need to read it. Hint: there may be tears.

After you’ve read it, if you’re like most small business owners, you’ll probably say, “Where do I sign up?” Because you’re also asking yourself, “Yeah, but what if I succeed?”

Still want to start a new business? We know the feeling. Go here to get design a logo. And here to get your website and business cards.

Then get to work, because start-ups are hard. And there may be tears.