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Logo Design This Week 2.4

Here we go again. We’ve spent hours combing the web and newspapers around the world to find the highlights from the world of logo design. And what a busy week it was. Here’s what caught our eye this week:

Portcullis LogoLast week we mentioned that some people don’t like the British Parliament’s portcullis logo. No surprise, others disagree.

Also from last week, the new DC Comics logo is still getting a lot of attention. We saw more than 20 different articles and blog posts about it. The Brand New blog has a nice write up on the logo. Seeing the whole identity, we have to admit that we like it.

Oddly, DC isn’t the only comic company to relaunch their logo in the last month. Oni Press followed suit this week with a new logo designed in-house.

Aetna launched a new brand designed to empower consumers. They’re trying to go from being an insurance carrier to a health solutions company. That’s a lot of work for a logo, but then again, we believe in the power of a good logo. See the new logo here.

New JC Penney LogoUnder the leadership of new CEO, Ron Johnson, who is trying to make his company more relevant to today’s consumers, JC Penney revealed a new logo as well as plans for new store designs, new pricing schemes, and more. Looks like they’re going for the Americana look. Probably not a bad direction given their roots in middle America. We have to say, however, that we can’t stand the new TV campaign with all those people screaming. Makes us change the channel.

And speaking of changing channels…

TVLand LogoSometimes things happen in fours. This week we saw three different television channels redesign their logos (and a fourth announce a new logo coming next week). Starting with the British Channel More4, followed quickly by TV Land, then UK premium channel Watch. Coming soon: KNBC4 Southern California. We like the promo videos at the More4 link. Check them out.

The city of Indio introduced a new look for their logo, featuring letters made up of things like stilettos, wine bottles, cowboy hats, and calculators. Sounds like the designers were told we want a logo that shows everything there is to do in Indio. Literally. Yes, we’re serious. See the logo at the link.

Honeymoon Island LogoMore new logos: Diabetes UK. And AVNAH. And The Prince’s Foundation (owned by the Prince of Wales). And Dunedin, Florida (this one cost $73,000). And, finally from Piper’s Crisps. We haven’t eaten a lot crisps since we lived in the UK more than 20 years ago, but these new packages make us wish we could.


Does the Gmail logo look like it was done at at the last minute to you? There’s a good reason for that.

Love Helvetica? Then you’ll like this excerpt from Just My Type by Simon Garfield.

Marblehead Arts LogoEach week we see several announcements for design contests. Usually we ignore them, but not this week. Call us crazy. Chippewa Falls thinks you should be looking forward to Oktoberfest—and creating a logo for the event. The prize? $150. The Cedar Springs Merchant Association is seeking a new logo for their marketing campaign. No cash prize for that one, just notoriety. Not to be outdone, Columbia College needs a new logo too. The winner gets an iPad. And the Marblehead Festival of Arts announced the winner of their logo contest this week: resident Brandon Miller.

Whoops. We’ve seen this before. Student in Michigan enters his school’s logo contest with a killer design and wins the contest. Then, someone recognizes the logo from somewhere… oh yeah, that’s the Dakota County Technical College’s Blue Knight logo. “I guess I didn’t make enough changes.” Yeah, we guess that too.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.

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