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Logo Design This Week 2.5

Wow, that was fast. Another week filled with logo design news has come and gone. So here’s what you need to catch up on what’s been going on:

First up, the Superbowl is this week, so the Bleacher Report brings us the 1o best Superbowl logos of all time.

Carolina Panthers LogoAlso from the NFL, the Carolina Panters redesigned their logo. It’s a pretty minor update, making the panther a little more fierce looking. And updating the lettering. We don’t love the type treatment, but it’s an improvement over the older logo, for sure. Here’s a comparison. Fan reaction is mixed.

The Olympics made logo design news twice. First, in a list of top 10s anticipating the upcoming summer Olympics in London, TimeOut London points out that the hated London 2012 logo is the most expensive of all time, costing £400,000. Is it dynamic and vibrant, or just plain awful? Either way, it’s expensive. And a good time to remind them that our inexpensive logo design tool could have saved them about £399,980.

Madrid Olympic Bid LogoIn other Olympic news, the Madrid Olympic committee launched its logo this week. The logo is supposed to read M 20, but most people see a 20020 or a row of flip-flops. And a few people are criticizing the changes made to designer Luis Peiret’s work (see the original here). The logo’s not perfect, but we like it. 80% of Spaniards disagree.

Last in sports logo news, the Los Angeles Blues unveiled a new logo based on a highway sign? We like the logo, but the thinking behind it is a little weird. See it at the link.

We thought this was pretty cool: sonic logos and aural hooks. It’s not that they’re new (you’ve heard the three-note Intel inside bongs, or NBC’s chime, or even the five note McDonald’s jingle), but they’re increasingly popular as brands look for ways to stand out in a crowded media market.

Stones LipsYou know the iconic lips logo used by the Rolling Stones? Well someone turned it into a urinal, which has a few people in an uproar. Here’s what John Pasche, the designer of the original logo, had to say about it. We’ll keep our opinions to ourselves on this one.

If you were watching out for logo related items this week, you probably saw this video of a five-year old talking about familiar logos that made the rounds on several design sites this week. It’s fun to watch, and amazing to observe how a five year old is influenced by the media around her.

Democrate Charlotte Convention LogoWe saw a couple of political logos released this week. First a logo for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. We posted about the Republican Convention logo a couple of months ago. If the election were won on quality of logo alone, the Dems would win in a landslide. Thanks to who ever decided to leave out the donkey. And San Diego Democratic Club also unveiled a new name and logo.

Telecel LogoMore new logos from around the world. Downtown Blacksburg has a new logo. So does Vitacost.com. U-sushi, a new sushi place that lets you design your own rolls launches with a new logo. There’s a new Quiet Mark logo for products like washing machines or lawn mowers that are quieter than competitors. And we don’t often see logos from Africa cross our desks, but Telecel Zimbabwe has a new logo this week as well. You can see all of these new logos at the links.

Largest Snowflake LogoWe finish up this week with the latest Google logo doodle celebrating the largest ever observed snowflake—38 centimeters in diameter. And you thought our winters were bad.

If you saw any logo design new that we missed this week, please add it in the comments.

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