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Logo Design This Week 2.7

Wow, that week flew by. Seems like just yesterday that we posted a full week of logo design news. And here we are, back at it. We’ve combed the Internet looking for the best design, the newest logos, and everything else that’s fit to print. Take a look:

Microsoft Windows LogoThe biggest news this week is the rumored update of a new logo for Microsoft Window’s 8. They’ve thrown out the multi-colored and very familiar flag for a one color, blockier window design. It’s nice and simple, a small step away from where the logo has been in the past. Unless you’re thinking of the distant past, then the new logo looks a lot like what Windows used to look like. Not to be outdone, LG also unveiled a new logo for their Optimus cell phone line.

Viper Logo ControversyChrysler showed off a very cool looking new logo for the SRT Viper this week. But at least one writer at autoblog thinks its a little too close to the Flying Lizard Motor Sports logo. You tell us—is this a case of similar but original, or way too close for comfort?

Is a beer truck an appropriate place to see a University logo? How about a coaster or a neon sign in a bar? Ball State thinks so.

New Modesto California LogoModesto California adds a splash of color in their new, more contemporary logo.

Do you like pretend (spec) logos? Here’s a logo suggestion for the Baltimore Ravens from the Gridiron League.


Crowded LogoThis story is a good example of why logos shouldn’t be designed by committee. Everyone has an opinion. Our favorite quote: “There’s no shazam in the colors.”

And another example with quotes from the discussion about a greenbelt logo and sign. Designers will love (or hate) this one: “If there’s a way of making the logo bigger and then keep everything else… You don’t need as much white space maybe.”

Think you can do better? Try your hand at designing your own logo here (it’s free!).

Hotels.com IconTwo stories from Brand New this week: Men’s Journal gets a new manlier logo and so does Hotels.com. We like the MJ logo quite a bit. The Hotels.com icon is okay, but we’re not fans of the font.

And here’s an interesting profile of a designer who uses Pinterest for design inspiration. He’s got 300,000 followers. If you’re on Pinterest, you might be one of them. Co-incidentally Logomaker is on Pinterest too. You can follow us here. We’re just getting started, so don’t expect to see much there yet.


Chapman LogoOther new logos this week: The Greek Star, Chicago’s oldest Greek newspaper got a new look and new logo. Arby’s announced they’ll update their logo later this year. The Clarence DeMar Marathon got a new logo. So did the Chapman Irish (shown here). There’s also a new logo celebrating the 20th anniversary of U.S.–Georgia relations.

Here’s an update on last weeks funny story about the prison inmate who hid a pig in the state police door stickers. Turns out they can’t find the culprit. And there’s a Facebook page to save the pig.

Valentine Google DoodleLastly, Google celebrated Valentine’s Day with a new version of their logo. This one was was actually an animated cartoon. It’s different from the Google Doodles we usually see. And for those who’d like to see what Google did with their logo for the past 12 years, check this out (the 2000 logo is shown here).

Did we miss anything? Please let us know in the comments.

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