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Logo Design This Week 2.12

It’s time for our weekly roundup of logo design news. Here are all the stories and news articles that caught our eye in the past seven days. Take a look:

Centennial Grand Central Station LogoLet’s be honest. If the rail station in Witchita Kansas or Butte Montana were to get a new logo, we wouldn’t hear much about it. Even if the design were fantastic and the work was done by an award-winning design firm like Pentagram. But Grand Central station in New York is a different story. New York makes news. Even in logo design. Which is why we saw so many stories about the new logo for Grand Central Station this week. This centennial logo is a nice rendition of the four-faced clock seen at the station’s information desk. Side note: the hands are set a 7:13 or 19:13 on a 24-hour clock, which is the year the terminal opened. Nice touch.

Katie Couric Talk Show LogoMore news from New York: After Katie Couric left the Today show, we sort of lost track of her. She spent a few years anchoring the CBS Evening News. But that gig ended, and Katie is set to get a new talk show on ABC. As part of the ramp up, they introduced the show’s new logo this week. Is that a swoosh or a C?

Pacifica LogoA couple of towns got new logos this week, starting with a new look for the City of Pacifica featuring a logo (not to be confused with the city’s seal seen here). Crewkerne’s Happy Valley play area got a new logo designed by a child (click the link to see it). The city of Walker, Louisiana also unveiled a new logo this week. So did the Marlborough District Council (their new logo is shown below). This logo’s price came in at $4000, which is a little steep compared to this logo design option. Finally, Nick Ramos recently created a new logo for Georgetown Square for Georgetown, Texas. Lots of samples of Mr. Ramos’ work at that last link. Check it out.

Marlborough Logo




Notre Dame LogoIn sports logo news, Notre Dame introduced a new logo to celebrate its 125 years playing college football. We like it. But more than that, we like that spring practice has started and the next college football season is just around the corner. We can’t wait.



Can you tell what a product is when it’s stripped of all its brand characteristics like colors and logos? It probably depends on the brand. Check out Brand Spirit and see.

Houwelings Tomato LogoSeveral businesses introduced new logos this week. We’ll start the list off with Protective Life Corp’s new logo. Reading is Fundamental got a logo redesign courtesy of ad agency Mother. Houweling’s Tomatoes gets a new logo featuring the CEO’s signature. Bienenstock Furniture Library updated their corporate identity with a new logo. As did Micromax Informatics and the Wells Fargo Soccer Club.

New Datsun LogoWe heard rumors of this a few weeks ago, but it looks like Nissan will be resurrecting its Datsun brand and logo. Not a bad refresh for a once-tired brand. Don’t look for it in the states any time soon, though, this new look is intended for the Indian market. We remember our grandmother driving a B210. If memory serves right, she took this Datsun ad at its word and drove accordingly.

St. Patrick's Day LogoLast of all, Google played around with its logo again this week. Saturday we saw a St. Patrick’s Day logo inspired by the Irish Book of Kells (here are Google’s St. Patrick’s day logos over the years). On Tuesday, Google’s logo celebrated the spring equinox with a design inspired by Marimekko.

Did you see anything that we didn’t? Let us know in the comments.

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