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Logo Design This Week 2.13

Another seven days gone and more logo design news has happened than we have room to tell you about. But we’ll do our best. Here’s all the stuff that happened in the world of logos during the past week.

Astros 50th Anniversary LogoStarting with sports logo news. Here’s the Final Four by Design: an design overview of the teams playing in the big games this weekend. As far as logos go, these are among the most recognizable in college sports. Also, we saw two anniversary logos for major league baseball for the Astros (pictured) and the Dodgers (at the link). There was some speculation that there will be a new Seattle Seahawks logo. And for those who are offended by logos celebrating Indian tribes, how about the Washington Whiteskins? It’s actually a contest to create new logos for Indian named teams. Finally, Singapore is holding a logo contest. Vote for your favorite logos for the upcoming national games.

Solidarnosk LogoWe also saw several news items related logos in politics this week: The leader of the Scottish Conservatives announced they would no longer use the familiar tree logo to represent the party north of England. Will anyone notice? On the other side of the political spectrum, Libcom.org (Liberal Community) is looking for a new logo and has asked members to post their ideas to its site. Click the link to see them. And the Solidarity Party in Poland unveiled a new logo this week. It’s been rightly criticized as bland. We prefer the original logo (pictured here) which is far more meaningful. And in Estonia, the government can’t endorse a new logo because of a 1925 law. Seems like the government could do something about that. Just saying.

Larry the Quaker LogoBig news in breakfast logos this week as Larry the Quaker Oat Man (yes, Larry is his real name) got a face lift. The new Larry loses his double chin and looks about 20 pounds thinner and a bit younger. Quaker Oats says they hope to keep the oatmeal brand “fresh and innovative” which ironically are the first two words that spring to mind when we think of oatmeal. Larry actually looks pretty good for someone who is 135 years old.



Apple officially registered its iTunes logo this week—you know the blue button with the double note in it at the bottom of your computer screen.

Band Aid Logo RedoAnother big brand got a logo makeover this week, but you probably won’t notice it unless you put the two logos together like brand channel did (shown here). Band-Aid preserves the iconic look of their logo with a simple redesign from Dresser Johnson. You can’t really do anything radical to an established brand like this. It’s a nice, timeless update.


Can a brand grow without a logo? It’s a question we don’t like to think about, but in Japan a big consumer brand is logo-free. How zen.

Miller Genuine Draft LogoAnother big brand with a change to their logo this week is Miller Genuine Draft 64, now known as Miller 64. The logo itself is pretty simple, but looks great set against the black packaging. The identity redesign was done by Soulsight. See the whole thing at the link.


Things happen in bunches. This week we saw two police departments announce new logos. First in Germantown: a new logo paid for by drug forfeiture money, which seems like a good use to us. Then in Cinnaminson, a progressive new logo which cost $20,000, again not paid for from tax payer funds.

RASI LogoAnd, as always we saw a host of new logos for small companies and other organizations. Our roundup begins with a new logo for Oktoberfest in Maysville Kentucky. Registered Agent Solutions also got a new logo. We’re not sure what they do, but we like their logo. International packaging manufacturing company Sirane got a new look this week. So did the CNCC (Colorado Northwestern Community College). Not to be left out of the logo party: the Livingston County Catholic Charities got one. Candy maker Dum•Dums also introduced a new logo on their packaging. And Tusker got a new logo.

Original Rip Curl LogoWe like retrospectives that show how a brand identity grows over time. Here’s a fun look back at the evolution of the Rib Curl logo from its start in 1969 to today, courtesy of SurferToday magazine. Our favorite is the original.



£60,000 for a new logo? Not quite. But spending anything over $49 for your logo seems a little high to us, even if it includes stationery.

Juan Gris Google DoodleAnd we wrap up another week by noting two excellent new Google logos. The first logo/doodle honors Spanish painter Jaun Gris‘ 125th birthday. The logo resembles some of Gris’ work and we have to admit we love this one.  The second Google logo celebrates Ludwig Mies van der Rohe‘s 126th birthday. We’re fans of architecture too, so this is a favorite as well! Kudos to the Google Doodle team this week.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments…

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