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7 Small Business Quotes from Porter Gale

Porter GalePorter Gale is an entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. She is best know for leading the marketing team at Virgin Airlines from 2007-2011, where she often spoke about her role in “fighting mediocrity” and “raising the bar”. But she’s also a bit of a renaissance woman who is a writer and consultant, and has created independent films, photographed a wedding, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, worked at a couple of advertising agencies, and more recently joined the start-up Kred (she advises several others). We’ve followed Ms. Gale for several years and are inspired by many of the things she has said and done. Here are a few thing she’s said you may find inspirational:

“We use the Golden Rule—treat others how you want to be treated. That is very, very simple. Treat your guests or your customers in a way that you yourself want to be treated. That alone will raise the bar in a lot of companies.”

“If you want to do this—fight mediocrity in your company—the three things I would do are: remember innovation, I would treat people how you want to be treated, and I would remember all the small things.”

“We’ve done things that we’ve felt would have an amplifier affect, so everything we did we tried to push the bar with creativity.”

“Make sure the content you’re putting out today is something you’re going to want out there 10 years from now. It’s easier to build your brand than to repair it.”

“…to make a persuasive pitch, you need to be passionate about the topic, act as a storyteller, limit the PowerPoint slides and ingest no more than one cup of caffeine prior to any important meeting.”

On Entrepreneurialism: “So maybe there’s no recipe at all, and it’s more like a test kitchen. You try, and try and try again until you find something that works. Adapt the recipe. Learn from your mistakes. Keep what’s working and get rid of the rest.”

“Often, it’s easy to forget the importance of giving positive feedback and rewarding your team. So today’s tip for entrepreneurs is to call at least three people out on their “awesomeness.” …Giving your recognition of a job well done will probably do the trick. A little bit of team-building, positive feedback and of course acknowledgment of your team’s success can go a very long way.”

Want to hear more from Ms. Gale? Check out this presentation on Building a Brand from Scratch. (Working for Virgin, she has a lot of brand advantages that most small business people would kill for, but the principles she talks about are applicable to all businesses. Check it out.)

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