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Logo Design This Week 2.16

TGIF and that means it’s time we shared all the logo news from the last seven days. As always, there were plenty of updates and new logos to share with you, so without further ado, here’s all the logo design stuff that caught our eye this week:

Mak Long Coke LogoRemember the designer in Hong Kong who put Steve Job’s silhouette in the Apple logo and got a lot of attention for it? Well, ad agency Ogilvy & Mather China tracked him down to work on a little project for Coke. And just like his last logo, his reworking of the iconic Coke swoosh into two people sharing a Coke is getting a lot of press. The kid does good work.

A few weeks ago we told you about the contest being held to choose the logo for the Singapore National Games. This week we got a look at the winning logo and mascot.

Motorcycle Gang LogoPretend for a moment that you belong to an outlaw motorcycle gang with a logo that you like. How do you keep the FBI from copying your logo patch and using it to infiltrate your gang? These guys applied for a trademark to get exclusive rights to the Vagos patch (which features the image of Loki, the God of mischief) to keep law officers from using it without consent. Something tells us this probably won’t stop the cops. But we like the ingenuity.


ESPN is holding a contest of sorts to design a new logo for the New Orleans Hornets. You get to choose a new name too. But sorry, the Jazz is still off the table.

New Mohawk Paper LogoMohawk paper is a logo we see a lot—on print samples and design publications. When it comes to printing, they have a lot of popular brands. So when it came time to relaunch the look and feel of the brand, they turned to Pentagram for the work. (Is it just us, or is Pentagram doing a lot of cool logos lately?) The logo represents connection and communication. We’re not sure if that’s the message we take from the design, but we like it.

Here’s an interesting article from BusinessWeek on how to design a logo, with graphics.

Disney Logo Non LatinWe saw two different articles about logos translated into non-latin languages. In most cases, the logos are still recognizable, though some times just barely. Shown here is the Disney logo in Hebrew, which you might guess. Harder to figure out is The New York Times. And without the visual color cues, we’d never guess the FedEx logo in Arabic. Check them out here and here.

Last week we showed you the new Chevrolet Impala logo. This week we have a retrospective of the Impala logo over the years, courtesy of autoblog.

Insurance Technologies Corporation LogoEach week we see a handful of new logos from small businesses, communities, and other organizations that you don’t usually hear much about. Some of the new logos we saw this week include those for Savon Blanc’s Natural Soaps, Southern State Community College, the City of Enid (why does that name strike us as funny?), the Aspen Colorado Transit System (would you ride a bus called the VelociRFTR?) and Insurance Technologies Corporation (shown here).

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Kaplicky Google LogoThere were a couple of new Google logo doodles this week—all celebrating birthdays. The first celebrating Robert Doisneau’s 100th birthday. The second (shown) appeared in the Czech Republic to memorialize architect Jan Kaplicky’s 75th birthday. Interested in seeing more doodles? Check out this massive collection here.

Did we miss anything? If so, let us know!

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