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Logo Design This Week 2.17

Friday again? Wow that week went fast. We usually end the week with a roundup of all the stuff that happened in the world of logo design over the past seven days. Here are all the items that we thought were worth sharing:

New Brooklyn Nets LogoThe biggest logo news this week is actually about next week. On Monday, the Brooklyn Nets are set to unveil their new logo. But it’s already been spotted in the wild. First in a photo tweeted by someone working at the Barclays Center. The tweets were later taken down and Nets CEO refused to confirm that this was actually the logo. But the next day Nets owner Jay Z was seen wearing a t-shirt that looks an awful lot like a certain logo that appeared on Twitter the day before. The “official logo” is set to be unveiled next week.


Students in Camberly UK, set a world record by creating the largest human olympic logo ever. Ironically, the world record for the most expensive olympic logo ever created is the same logo which the students recreated. It cost £400,000 ($645,000). We know a better way to get a logo for less.

New Boilermaker LogoIn other sports logo news, The Purdue Boilermakers appear to have a new logo. This version straightens out the train so it is coming right at you, with steam trailing overhead. It’s a cleaner look and it’s not bad, but we like the older version better. And apparently so do about 4 out of 5 Big Ten Conference Fans. Nike recommended and created the change, likely to sell more merchandise featuring the new logo. It will appear on athlete’s uniforms starting this fall.

What is a logo worth? Well, six years ago Ford Motor Company mortgaged their logo(along with factories and equipment) for $23.5 Billion. Interbrand says the Ford brand is worth about $7.5 Billion.

In other car logo news, Chevrolet has applied for a trademark for an SS logo. It looks like its a mark for a trim level on certain models.

XO LogoXO Communications unveiled a new logo earlier this month. We didn’t really like the old one. It felt disconnected and out of place. This new one is better, but it’s not great. It does feel a bit more like a mark. And we like the new color scheme much better. The new brand is supposed to represent focus, modernity, boldness, and approachability.

More logo controversies to share. First when JC Penney unveiled its new logo late last year, it wasn’t expecting a law suit claiming they stole the design. It will be interesting to see what the courts say on this. The second controversy is between Morehead State and Glenoak Highschool which are using the same “angry eagle” logo. The high school is phasing it out.

New Valiant LogoWe’ve seen a whole slew of new logos for comic book publishers in the past few months. The week Valiant Entertainment unveiled a new logo with a different take on their older compass logo. This logo was created by Rian Hughes and will appear on new books starting next week. We really like.

Here’s an interesting interview with logo designer Aaron Draplin, who has done work for Nike, Ford, and the US Government.

Last week we told you about a motorcycle gang’s attempt to trademark their logo so the police couldn’t use it without their permission. This week we saw a report that the Hell’s Angels are suing MTV for appropriating their logo.

Hinesburg Vermont LogoIn addition to the big consumer brands and sports teams, lots of smaller companies, communities, and organizations unveil new logos every week. This week we spotted a new logo for the town of Hinesburg Vermont—it’s 250 years old this year, as well as a new look for the the Manassas City Police Department logo. The same is true for the Owen Sound Emancipation Festival, which has a logo to celebrate its 150 years. And finally, Bainbridge College has a new logo to show off to students and alumni. And here’s a logo we’d like to see Jay Z wear on a T-shirt: the Sheffield Girls Limited has a new logo too. Click the link to see it.

Google Flower Earth Day LogoAnd we wrap things up this week with a couple of new logo variations from Google. The first was to celebrate Earth Day. The team at Google planted a flower garden in the shape of their logo, then watched it bloom. See the film at the link. Google also celebrated the birthday of Gideon Sundback with a logo, who invented the zipper.

Did we miss anything that you saw? Please tell us about it in the comments.

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