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Logo Design This Week 2.20

Another week has flown by. As we mentioned last week, we moved our system to a new server environment which has caused a few small problems that have kept us busy helping customers and working hard to get some fixes in place. We’re grateful for your patience as we work through the process. But as we worked on our transition, the world of logo design kept on keeping on. Here’s what caught our eye this past week.

Oddly enough, we didn’t see any really big logo news this past week. The most recognizable company to announce a new logo was the New York Stock Exchange, for its Euronext division. The work was done by Interbrand and is supposed to “reflect diverse elements coming together to create a central point of interaction and activity.” Okay, we see the movement, though it feels more like an equalizer to us. Like.

We did see quite a bit of controversy over logos this week, starting out with Adidas suing a retailer over a logo design that they say is too close to their logo.

Last week we mentioned, but didn’t show, the new logo celebrating Cyprus’s Presidency of the European Union. This week we saw the news that the icon looks an awfully lot like a certain icon available at Shutterstock. Is it a rip-off? We don’t think so. Designers have similar ideas all the time. With millions of logos in the world, we’re bound to see some that are very similar. What do you think?

We saw a third controversy this week as some are accusing the video game “Call of Duty” of copying an old Delta Force logo.

Lots of logos from small communities this week. Starting with Old Town Lafayette, designed by Jennifer Davis and described as “contemporary, playful, and direct.” Yes, yes, and yes. The Nampa Idaho public library also announced their new logo. We’ll give you one guess what the icon is. Exactly what you would expect. Rock River Water Trail got a brand spanking new logo this week. The same is true for Gladstone. And the Norwich beer festival also announced a new logo. Or rather they say it’s a logo. Clearly it takes a few beers to appreciate it (click the link to see it). Dislike.

Adirondak Chair or setting sun—which is the right logo? You choose.

The Malta Triathalon Association has a new logo, encompassing a symbol closely associated with Malta and representing the three sports that are part of the triathalon. Our initial reaction to this logo was “like”, but the more we look at it, the more we don’t like the balance of the icon with the font or the staggered text. Kinda like.


And the logo story that just won’t go away is back again this week. JayZ explains the thinking behind the Net’s new logo. And designer Andrew Guirguis launches a campaign to “reset the Nets” with a better logo for the team. His work is good. Like.

Finally, we saw lots of Google Doodles this week. But in honor of our one and only reader, we’re featuring Google’s logo in celebration of Mother’s Day. Mom beats out doodles for Juan Rulfo, Paraguay Independence, Edward Lear and Mahmoud Mokhtar. Click the link to see the animation. Again, like.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.