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Logo Design This Week 2.21

Each week we take a look back at all of the interesting (and some of the not-so-interesting) things that happened in the world of logo design. And each week we usually find more than we have space to share. Today is no exception. So, without further ado, here’s what caught our eye this past week:

Downtown Arlington LogoEvery week we see three or four new logos for cities, towns, and other locations. Often the logos cost the local governments thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. So the question is, are these locations getting the value they are looking for? You could ask Arlington Texas which unveiled a new logo this week at a cost of $30,000. The critics are underwhelmed. Let’s just say that the jury is out.

So what about a small town like Enid Oklahoma, which also has a new logo that we told you about several weeks ago? Does spending money on a logo really create a unique brand for a place? Maybe. But we don’t think it’s quite as effective as the city commissioners who spend taxpayer’s money on new logos.

Leslieville LogoOther new logos for places this week include Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Strathcona County Alberta, Leslieville (also in Canada), and Foxborough (this one is for a local soccer tournament). So does all this effort to “brand” the small towns of the world really pay-off? It certainly makes the local government officials feel good.

Ever wonder why that Apple logo is upside down on your laptop? Here’s the answer.

San Francisco Transit LogoThis week we also saw new logos for two different area transit systems. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency launched a new logo to represent all of the different modes of transit in the bay area. The new logo announcement coincides with the 100th anniversary of Muni.

The Bloomington-Normal Public Transit System also announced a new logo this week. This logo is designed to signal “the fact that we as a transit system connect people in the community with all the places they want to go.” That’s a lot to ask a logo to do.


Artist Takeshi Miyakawa was arrested this week when he hung bags stamped with “I ♥ New York” logos from lampposts in Brooklyn. He was trying to light up the logo in the bag. Police mistook his efforts for bombs. Ooops.
New Telemundo LogoSpanish-language television network, Telemundo, unveiled a new logo last week. This is a nice evolution of the logo from where it has been in the past. Look for the new logo to make it appearance with the new television season this fall.

In other television news, ABC was named the best Australian logo, beating out Qantas for the title. We have to admit, we hadn’t seen this logo before reading the news about it, but it’s pretty cool.

Long time readers of Logo Design This Week know that we love logo controversies. Often they’re not much more that a coincidence of a designer creating something that just happens to look like another logo. Maybe that’s what this is, but what designer doesn’t know the Adobe logo? This one seems suspicious.

New Weber State LogoIt seems as if new logos are the thing at Utah Universities this year. Just weeks after Utah State showed off its new logo, Weber State announced a new logo for itself. Known as the wild cats, this logo looks more like an angry house cat to us. I guess you can count us among those that Athletic Director Bovee said would say, “we don’t like it” and “it’s too cartoonish” Oh well.


This week Google outdid itself with a new version of its logo to celebrate the birthday of Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog Synthesizer. More than a logo, you could use it to play music, adjust the dials and change the wave length of the notes you hear. Very cool. Click the link to play the synthesizer.


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments and have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

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