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Logo Design This Week 2.23

Thank goodness it’s Friday. And thank goodness for the latest edition of Logo Design This Week, where we get you up-to-date on all the latest happenings in the world of logo design. Without further ado, here are all the things that caught our attention over the past seven days:

The big news this week is the redesign of the Twitter bird logo (known as Larry). The changes are pretty small, so you might not notice them at first glance, but the chunky old bird is out, replaced by a sleeker version made up of three overlapping circles that are supposed to represent your networks, interests, and ideas. The truth of it is, you likely won’t see the circles, so the logo will simply mean Twitter to most people. And that is enough. The new logo has inspired some satire and comes with strict guidelines for use.


We featured a couple of new entertainment logos in the past few weeks. This week we saw an interesting article about the efficacy of these new logos and slogans.

Who has the best logo in all of professional sport? Okay, not all, but the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL. This somewhat biased run-down makes an attempt to rate all 122 logos of the teams that play in these leagues. We’ll clue you in on the worst logo of them all—the Cleveland Browns, just edging out the Golden State Warriors who have a bridge for their logo. Click the first link to see them all.

In other sports logo news, Alan Siegel, who created the iconic NBA logo is retiring from his design firm after 43 years. Incidentally, it took Mr. Siegel about an hour to create that famous logo.

The New York Times Magazine asked eight designers to re-imagine their logo. It’s pretty interesting to see what they come up with. Nothing we’d be too excited about if we were the NYTM. In defense of the designers, re-designing the masthead that has been used continuously for more than 150 years is asking for criticism. So it’s probably good that this was just an exercise in creativity, not a real assignment.

Last week we told you about the new campaign featuring the I ♥ New York logo. At first Milton Glaser wasn’t happy about it, but he’s changing his mind.

As usual, we saw lots of new logos for small communities, farmers markets, chambers of commerce, and other small organizations. Starting with a “rocking” logo for the downtown event series in Petoskey, Michigan. The Lompoc Chamber of Commerce has a new logo. And the Brent Council (a London Borough) changed its logo for the first time in forty years, at a cost of £2000. The Rosemont Area Arts Council unveiled a new logo. And the Westlake Education Foundation also has a new logo this week. And finally, the Caldwell Farmer’s Market got a fresh new logo (several actually). We like these last ones a lot.

$900,000 for a new logo? Not exactly, but this still seems like a lot to spend on branding when there are more affordable logo options available.

And finally this week, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was in the news and on the tele and on the logo on the homepage of Google throughout the common wealth. We also liked seeing the logo for Sweden’s National Day. Nice work, Google.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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