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Southern Restorations Designs New Logo Using LogoMaker

Southern Restorations Logo Design

Every day we meet customers who use the Logomaker tool to create outstanding logos to help them market their businesses. Here’s a customer we met just this week.

In 1995, Brian bought into a franchise selling onsite furniture repair and restoration system and was introduced into the world of woodworking, construction and remodeling trade. Over the years, he gravitated toward high-end antiques and discovered a passion for preserving pieces of history for future generations.

Designing a Logo for an Antique Business

Based in Georgia, he started Southern Restorations, a company which specializes in…you guessed it…restoring and repairing high-end antiques.  Like most small business owners, Brian was on a budget. Enter: Logomaker. He used our do-it-yourself logo design tool to select a great icon that matched his industry, changed the colors a bit and chose a font that fit the mix to bring everything together. Voila!

Brian created a great logo at a price any small business can afford (just $49).  He told us he plans to use his logo to begin building his business and will be applying the logo to shirts, web advertising, business cards—basically the works.  When asked for one piece of advice he would give other small business owners and entrepreneurs, Brian said “Create a logo that appeals to you and tells people who are and what you do”.

Which sounds like pretty good advice to us.