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Logo Design This Week 2.24

Welcome to the latest edition of logo design news, where we wrap up all the things that have happened over the past week, when it comes to logos. It was a bit slower this week, but that doesn’t mean we saw a bunch of new logos and other related stories. Here’s the stuff we noticed this week:

This is cool. Despite the serious restrictions on messing with the new Twitter logo (which we told you about last week), Utah cartoonish Adam Koford has created  sweet Avatar/logo set based on the new logo (via Logo Design Love). There’s so much here to like (from Hellboy to Pacman and Justin Bieber to Oprah) that we struggled to feature just one to post here. What do you get when you cross Twitter with Game of Thrones? The answer is here.


Have you seen the email reporting that President Obama has replaced the traditional seal of the President with his own campaign logo? Well, it isn’t true, so don’t pass it on.

Istanbul is making a bid to host the 2020 Olympic games. Now they’re asking for people to vote on their favorite logo to support the bid. It looks like there are five options. Our preference looks like Turkish/Islamic mosaic art. But the official story is that this represents Istanbul at the center with the colors swirling out to the rest of the world. Whatever. We like it. See the other designs at the link.


What makes a good logo? This article lays it out. We agree with everything except the advice to overspend. Readers of this blog no we’re fans of saving money on a logo.

We like seeing new university logos and it seems that we get to see one every few weeks. Today Kennesaw State has a new logo, this one featuring a meaner and more aggressive owl than before. The goal is to make Kennesaw State a national name. We think it will take more than a new logo to accomplish that, but we suppose it’s a start.


Another interesting article on logo design, this one featuring Bill Haig who may be the only person with a Ph.D. in logo design. He’s the author of The Power of Logos: How to Create Effective Company Logos, which happens to sit on our shelf.

As always, we saw a bunch of new logos for small businesses, communities, and schools. Starting off with a new logo for the Bimini Big Game Club Resort and Marina. The Harrisonville School District has a new wildcat logo (the old one had lost the integrity of its design through misuse). Watsonville has a new strawberry logo that apparently all the kids want on their skateboards (yes, we’re skeptical). University City also has a new logo, or rather the new logo was rejected, but it’s already being used. Doh! Inuulitsivik Health Centre has a new logo (and can we just say that Inuit may be the most interesting written languages we’ve ever seen). And finally, Lafayette’s new logo has won an award.

We’ve mentioned people who put logos on their prosthetics before. But here’s the best reason for it we’ve seen: if you lose your leg (the fake one) while swimming in the ocean and a shrimp boat finds it, they can easily return it to you, thanks to the logo.

We didn’t see a great new Google logo this week in the United States. But on the 12th, Brazil saw a logo for Dia Dos Namorados which apparently is like Valentines Day.


Did we miss anything you saw? Let us know.


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