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All Things Itty Bitty Creates New Logo Design

All Things Itty Bitty, as described by its founder, Hallie, is an “itty bitty boutique with a big vision”. The online store based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado offers specialty children’s clothes, toys, and gear. Their high-quality products are sourced from a variety of socially responsible small businesses and artists from around the world.  Inspired by a desire to make a positive difference, a percentage of every sale goes to help those in need.

The Logo Design for All Things Itty Bitty

We love All Things Itty Bitty’s logo which features a whimsical font, colors, and graphics that complement and package the name very well. Just by looking at the logo, you can tell this is a company with a cute, cuddly feel to it.

So we asked Hallie how she came up with her company name? She said it wasn’t easy (as many of our Logomaker clients discover).  She poured through online dictionaries, thesauruses, and internet search engines to find the right name to match the idea of her company and vision of her brand. Eventually, All Things Itty Bitty was the winner.

Hallie visited our logo design site had a difficult time choosing just one logo because she came up with so many good ideas using the Logomaker tool. She plans to use her logo on business cards, package inserts, shipping confirmations, purchase orders, receipts, and advertisements. It is also the main graphic on her website header.

Hallie’s 3 ‘itty bitty’ pieces of advice for other small business owners 

1) Experience goes a long way. It helps to have experience in your industry or a related field. Work for a company in the industry for a while if you don’t already have the experience. Seek advice from experts in your field or type of business.

2) Do your due diligence and have patience. Think through all the aspects of your business before starting. Know that there is a high probability that everything will be harder, more time consuming, and more expensive than you planned. However, don’t be discouraged and overwhelmed. Just deal with one thing at a time and be patient.

3) Find your niche.  It is very difficult to have a completely unique business. Competing on price will probably not get you very far since we live in an age of superstores and online giants. Target a particular market or differentiate yourself with your products, your knowledge, your service, and your company culture.

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