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Logo Design This Week 2.28

Another week, another logo. Or something like that. It’s Friday the 13th, but it’s been a lucky week for those who unveiled new logos. Here’s all the logo design news from the previous week that caught our eye:

Sports Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, unveiled an updated logo for its restaurant chain earlier this week. Going with the sports theme, the new logo is supposed to give the eatery more of a “stadium” feel. According to the company, the new logo is more muscular and athletic. It will be rolled out to stores later this year.

Does the Canadian brand need a make-over? Designer Bruce Mau thinks so.

The USFL (remember the LA Express, the Oakland Invaders, and the Washington Generals?) is planning a relaunch in the spring of 2013 and recently introduced a new logo and website to get ready for the upcoming season. This time around, rather than competing with the NFL head-on, they’ll be a minor league. We like the logo, but it seems a little weak for football. In other football logo news, the Miami Dolphins are considering an update for their logo next year. No “official” designs have been spotted in the wild yet, but we’ll show them when they are.

When it comes to logo news, we’ve sure seen a lot of Jay-Z this year. Now he’s being sued for $7 million in missed royalty payments related to the Roc-A-Fella logo.

Discount retailer Target and high-end fashion chain Neiman Marcus are teaming up on a collection of more than 50 holiday items ranging from clothing to sporting goods created by designers like Oscar de la Renta and Derek Lam. Most of the items are priced below $60 (more Target, than Neiman Marcus). To celebrate the collaboration, the two companies unveiled a new logo. It’s not an easy thing to pair two identities as strong as these and preserve the look of the originals. We think they’ve done a pretty good job.


Who made the Olympic rings logo? The New York Times has the scoop.

Chrysler recently filed a trademark for its EcoDiesel logo, used on its new diesel engines in upcoming Jeep and Ram models. The mark includes a leaf (signaling that the vehicle is more natural than others, one supposes).

Speaking of ecologically friendly logos, here’s the story of the guy who created the recycle logo—Gary Anderson.

And, as usual, we saw lots of logos for smaller businesses and communities, including a new logo for the Joplin tourism campaign (now that you’ve seen it, you want to visit right?). We also saw a new logo for the Milwaukee Film Festival, a new logo for the ASEAN India partnership, and a brand new logo for the 325th anniversary of New Rochelle. Burnsville is considering a new logo and the options are posted at the link. The Marine Trades Association of New Jersey introduced a new logo. And finally, so did Social Smoking, which is an e cigarette company in Charlotte North Carolina.

Lastly, we noticed this new Google logo celebrating Bastille Day this past week. Google customers in France were lucky enough to see it.


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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