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Logo Design Customer Spotlight: wL Zaen

Wl Zean Logo Design

You may do a double-take when you first see this logo design. We sure did. Because it has the professional look and feel of a high-end industry and it was made using our logo design tool for just $49.  And you can probably guess what industry wL Zaen Seventh Avenue is in. Yep, fashion. Not your typical stuffy fashion, streamlined, difficult to fit into clothing. We’re talking hand-crafted custom made women’s clothing and jewelry using only the finest fabrics and materials. wL Zaen’s exclusive ready to wear collection comes equipped with matching accessories for the perfect look.

wL Zaen was started in 2011 by designer fashionista, Ponchi.  Inspired by a vision for high quality products and services using fine fabrics and personal custom design, wL Zaen was born. The company’s unique name has an equally unique origin.  The name wL Zaen stands for ‘with Love, Zaen’.  “Zaen” is actually an anagram of the founder’s surname.

When we asked Ponchi what advice she would give other small business owners and entrepreneurs she said,

“After all that market research and plans, don’t stop getting feedback on your ideas. Feedback from customers, family and friends is the key to growth and opportunities. Don’t let the perfect get in the way of better.”

“Make positivity and innovation your best friends.”

“Enjoy the challenges.”