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Logo Design This Week 2.29

As always, the past seven days have been filled with plenty of news from the world of logo design. This is the place to come for everything about new logos to news about logos. Here’s what caught our eye over the past week:

First off, we saw a lot of reports about the short video we posted last week on the art of logo design. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here (near the bottom of the page). If you have any interest in logo design, it’s worth six minutes of your time.

We also enjoyed this satirical take on the Museum of Contemporary Art’s logo by Susan Stilton, a designer based in Los Angeles. Her work is a commentary on the declining prestige of the museum’s brand. Click the link to see more.

Speaking of logos and art, the under construction barriers around the new Apple store in Barcelona is sporting an Apple logo with a distinctly Gaudi-esque look. The trencadís mosaic is a nice touch.

The Big Sky Athletic Conference unveiled a new logo as they honored the pre-season All Conference Team. If you haven’t heard of the conference, it’s likely because you don’t live in Montana, Utah, Eastern Washington, or Idaho where most of the conferences teams play. Or you simply don’t pay attention to non-FBS teams. The logo comes in 13 different versions to match each of the conference’s 13 teams’ school colors.

Last January, we told you about the city of Dunedin spending close to $75,000 for a new logo. Now, seven months later, they’ve adopted a new design, which, in our opinion isn’t near as good as the original. That’s a lot of money for a logo no one will use.

We thought this was interesting: a collection of logo icons matched to competitor’s brand names. It makes for some interesting, cognitive challenges. This is the kind of thing that gives brand managers heart attacks. And attorneys job security. Hey guys, we’re just linking to a story here… nothing to get excited about.

Well, this in embarrassing. If you’re going to get an Olympic logo tattooed on your arm to celebrate that you got to carry the torch, you should make sure you don’t spell it “Oylmpic”.

We also got a kick out of these logotypes designed by New York artist Ji Lee. Lee has created several word types that communicate the meaning regardless of the ability to actually read the letters. And we like. There’s a lot of good work here.

Another interesting article: How a Logo Becomes an Icon. We’re not sure that the article really answers the question, but it’s a fun read about several iconic logos.

And our round up of other logos includes two different colleges with new logos. First New Emporia State unveiled a new logo celebrating its 150th anniversary. That is a tall logo. Then Fort Lewis College in Durango showed off their new logo this past week as well. If you’re going to commemorate the War of 1812, you might as well have a logo. The Ethnic Expo in Columbus got a new logo this week too. And finally, Spanish car maker Seat unveiled a new logo that will soon show up on it’s new models.



And it was a slow week in the Google Doodle office. There were new doodles in Columbia and Brazil, but nothing worth reporting in the US.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.

One Response to “Logo Design This Week 2.29”

  1. New York artist Ji Lee’s EXIT logo is superb… the logo font readable… and it communicates the sense so effortlessly.. seems like a man going out of the ‘door shaped’ I… simply amazing Man!!

    Rob, I am blogger for THE LOGO DESIGNS company … and I just happened to come across this site.. the post just bowled me over…. if you like you can check out on our Logo Updates section for Logo of the Month.

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