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Logo Design This Week 2.33

Another week (actually two) has passed since we last took a look at all the happenings in the world of logo design. There are lots of logos to update you on, so without further ado, here’s what caught our eye over the past week.

New Microsoft LogoThe biggest news, by far, was the announcement of a new logo for software giant, Microsoft. It’s been 25 years since the company unveiled its last corporate logo and no surprise, the company plays it pretty safe with this reset. The new logo loses the italic lettering, as well as the design elements in the type, as straightens out the icon. It’s described as being simpler, less corporate, and more approachable. All true. But we have to say we don’t like the ft ligature much. If you like the new Microsoft logo, you might also like this treatment of other company logos using the same design idea. And some are asking, “did Microsoft rip off Apple’s logo“? Finally, here’s a look at all of Microsoft’s logos since 1975.

We like to profile new college logos here and each week it seems we see at least one. This week we get two (plus a third for a college athletics program). We start with a new logo for Bradley University. We’ve seen a few universities trying to break out of the traditional look for secondary schools, but this isn’t one of them. The University of Denver also unveiled a new logo this week. Like most other universities, the UoD is trying to stand out from other schools by representing “the quality of the academic enterprise” and letting the public know they are “a great private University dedicated to the public good.” Our favorite line from the press release says, “We created the new brand positioning based on what people who know the University best said that makes us different from other institutions.” The result of course is a logo that looks suspiciously like a lot of other institution’s logos. We tease because we like it. And here’s a link to the new San Francisco Dons logo, which we think is boring, predictable, and ugly.

Long time readers of our weekly logo design news will recognize that we like controversies when it comes to logos. This is a good one: the Lyme Regis town council wants a new logo, but not one that shows a topless mermaid. We understand why they don’t want that image associated with the town, but you have to admit, it would stand out from all the other town logos out there. For that reason alone (and maybe only that reason) it deserves some consideration.

And while it may not be much of a controversy, Lincoln Nebraska has abandoned the image of Abraham Lincoln in its logo and will be using a blue arrow instead. Which is the kind of thing you put in a logo if you don’t want to stand out.


Speaking of arrows… that’s exactly what the new Sundance Film Festival Logo is made of. We guess this is supposed to be edgy and cool (like an early 90s grunge band poster), but it looks pretty childish and plain to us. We’re usually fans of Paula Scher’s work, but we don’t really like this one much. The story has it that Scher started sketching ideas on a napkin. Too bad this logo didn’t get beyond that stage.

From time to time we like to profile a few of the interesting places logos appear. We like this story of the Lonesome River Band’s logo cut into a corn field. And while getting a logo tatoo isn’t anything new, put yourself in this guy’s shoes: he get’s the Miami Dolphins logo tatoo-ed onto his head only to find that the Dolphins are changing their logo next season. Bummer.

Si Fi Channel LogoWe really like this new logo for the Sci-Fi channel in Australia. They’ve obviously learned from the ill-fated logo redesign done by their sister channel in the States, which opted for the name SyFy, not knowing that this was the nick name of a venereal disease. Nicely done.



Other new logos worth mentioning this week belong to the Red River Valley Potato Growers Association, The City of Taylorsville Utah, The Rochester Airport, Air Pacific (now called Fiji Air), The City of Issaquah Washington, Maria Sharapova’s new Sugarpova line, and the free software foundation’s “DRM Free” program.



And last but not least, Google cooked up one of our all-time favorite logos this past week with a celebration of Julia Child’s 100th birthday. She was known as America’s Favorite Chef and for the day at least, she was at the top of America’s Favorite Search Engine.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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