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Help Us Give charity: water $10,000

At Logomaker, we’re committed to making a difference for our customers who need logos, business cards, or web pages. Once you’ve tried our do-it-yourself logo design tool, we hope you’ll agree.

But we want to make a difference to more than just our customers.

So we’re making a donation to charity: water.

In case you haven’t heard of them, charity: water started when Scott Harrison asked his friends to donate the money they would spend on his birthday to help fund a water project in Uganda. Six years later, Scott and charity: water have raised more than $40 million to help dig wells, build and maintain pumps, and train people how to take care of their clean water projects.

Perhaps most importantly, 100% of public donations (like ours) go directly to fund water projects. No fund raising. No support salaries. And no bonuses to the CEO.

That’s a model we can support. Here’s what we going to do:

Logomaker will donate one dollar to charity: water for every Facebook “like” we get by the end of the month. We’ll also donate a dollar for every “+1” we get in Google. Up to $10,000. (We already have 4700 “likes” and almost 800 “+1s”, so we’re half way there.)

Here’s how you can make sure we give the whole $10,000 (it’s easy).

First, visit our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/FreeLogomaker. Then click the “like” button.

Next, see the red “g +1” button at the top of this page? Click it.

And finally, check out charity: water and consider making a donation yourself. Every dollar given by the public goes directly to a water project in Africa, India, Haiti, or somewhere else in the developing world. Seriously, check them out: charity: water.

If you feel strongly about helping us, tell your friends or link to this page so others can help too.

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