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Logo Design This Week 2.36

It’s Friday (thank goodness) and that means another look back at all the things that happened in the world of logo design this past week. Here’s what we noticed:

The biggest logo news of the week came yesterday when Ebay unveiled a redesigned logo. The new logo keeps the familiar color scheme, but the design has grown up, taken on a thinner letter shape, and straightened out. The company describes it as “cleaner, more contemporary, and consistent.” The new logo is definitely less quirky, but probably more appropriate for the auction site as it tries to compete more with competitors like Amazon.com.

What are the most common colors used in logos? This article has the answer by category. Looks like red is the winner for hospitality and beverages, blue for insurance and medical. Interesting. For more on logo colors, check out this guide to logo colors.

Here’s a fun Flicker set of logos by designer Victor Hertz that are described as “honest”. From remakes of YouTube to Nintendo and MySpace to Disney, it’s a pretty insightful take on how a logo represents a brand promise (or a negative take on the brand promise).  Our favorite may be his very true take on Facebook. And for NFL fans, check out this set of honest NFL team logos.

This past week marked the 11th anniversary of 9/11. If your logo featured the twin towers in it, would you take it out? These companies haven’t.

Did you know that Russia is a travel destination for foreign and domestic tourists and that “it’s an attractive country worth visiting”? Well now there’s a new logo that will make sure you do know that. Only, the logo doesn’t really deliver on that promise. We can think of a few things we’d like to see in Russia and this logo doesn’t bring any of them to mind. The idea is that the word “my” is in a different kind of type depending on who the “my” refers to. The Russia always stays the same.

Of course, Russia isn’t the only place trying to attract your attention with a new logo. This week the Tulsa International Airport unveiled a new logo. So did the Saint Johns River Ferry. As did Elkins City. DeSoto county doesn’t want to use the image of Hernando DeSoto in their logo any more, so they unveiled a new one. And here’s a new logo for the Ontario Waste Management Association. And perhaps most interestingly, the Free Syrian Army has a new logo too.

Want to help the City of Yonkers pick their new logo? Here are the details.

This week, as usual, we saw a couple of new takes on the Google logo. One celebrated composer Clara Schumann’s 193rd birthday. But perhaps our favorite Google doodle of all time is this celebration of the 46th anniversary of Star Trek, complete with Tribbles.


Did we miss anything? Let us know down below.

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