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Logo Design This Week 2.38

Friday is here and that means another look back at all the recent developments in the world of logo design. It’s been a slower week, with no big announcements like a new logo for USA Today or EBAY. But that doesn’t mean that nothing happened. So here’s our look back at the logo news from the past seven days:

New MySpace LogoAlthough we didn’t see any big logo news this week, this item about a possible new logo for MySpace almost qualifies as big logo news. But then it’s MySpace, so the real question is, will anyone notice—even if Justin Timberlake is involved? The website still uses the old (but not original) logo introduced two years ago. On the other hand, given the history of the site, a new logo can’t hurt. In other MySpace Logo news, the company blocked Apple from using it’s music app logo because it looks too much like a trademark they own. Apple’s arguments are pretty ironic (or hypocritical) given how brutal they’ve been in similar trademark disputes.

And the new logo announced by Ebay is still making the news. This item says the new logo lacks personality. We disagree. The new logo just has a different personality than the old logo. And that’s what Ebay was hoping for.

DirectTV unveiled a new logo that they’ll be using for television set-tops and digital video recorders in the future. The logo looks like a woman made up of flames or possibly smoke. For now they’ve only filed for a trademark, but they may use it in the future. We don’t love this logo, but we’d like to see it in use with a product name before we pass final judgement.

This article recommending that you stop messing with your logo is perhaps the best argument we’ve seen for why small businesses are best served by a simple, inexpensive logo like those we offer at logomaker.com.

First it was the Chilean Avocado, now it’s the California Endive that gets a new logo. Or at least the endives from this particular farm. Other logos we saw this week include: a new logo for Asian Paints, a new logo for Stogursey Parish, a new logo for Richmond Virginia designed by the University of Richmond, a new logo for the Borough of Belmar, and finally, a new logo for Northern Oklahoma College.



Wrapping up this week’s news was a new Google logo celebrating Google’s 14th birthday. The new logo starts with a cake and fourteen candles, which are quickly eaten up. Check the link for all the Google logos posted for its birthdays in years gone by. Happy birthday, Google!

Did we miss anything? Let us know below…

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