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Logo Design News This Week 2.43

We’re back with another look back at all the happenings in the world of logo design. Here’s what caught our eye over the past seven days:

Plague Boy Logo DesignLast Wednesday was Halloween, which meant that we saw several links to this website that re-imagines several big brand logos as if the zombie apocolypse was upon us. Barbie becomes Zombie. Starbucks is Starguts. And FedEx becomes FedOn. Click through to see all of the logos. We’re big fans of holidizing your logo, but this collection takes the idea to a whole new level. Bravo.


It took 10 minutes to create this logo (and cost next to nothing), but the logo lasted more than 40 years. Landor tweaked it slightly then rolled out the brand update in 2007 for about £450 million.

Astros Logo DesignThere was quite a bit of controversy over the premature launch of a new logo for the Houston Astros baseball team. The new logo is actually the old logo used by the club for close to thirty years, with some added effects to make the H look a little more 3D. The new logo was supposed to be launched tomorrow, November 3. Instead it was leaked by baseball card maker Topps as well as a shopper who spotted the new logo on a shirt for sale in a local store. Ooops. The league has apologized. But we like the logo.


Not to be overlooked, but professional leagues for Cricket and Rugby both announced new logos this week.

From the weird logo news file: this guy tattoo-ed the Romney for President logo on his face. We applaud his devotion to his cause, if not his fore sight.

Legends Mustache Logo DesignThis may be our favorite new sports logo of all time. The Lexington Legends, a new minor league affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, unveiled a new logo to commemorate its affiliation change. The new logo is a handlebar mustache, inspired by the team’s mascot who sports a large mustache of his own. One thing you can say about the new logo is that it is unique in baseball. Maybe all of sports. And that’s a hard thing to do these days.

Nine Big Ideas that Changed the Face of Graphic Design. #4 on the list is decorative logos.

Nevada LogoEach week we see lots of new logos for small companies, communities, and other organizations. Broadgate estate in London was one of them, they unveiled a new logo this week. The same is true for Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics, which also announced a new logo this past week. VA Home Loan Centers has a new key house logo, unveiled for the first time this week. And the Texas Women’s Health Program also has a new logo, recently tweeted by Governor Rick Perry. And while it’s not a small community, Nevada announced a new logo to celebrate its upcoming 150th anniversary.


Bob Ross Logo DesignHaving watched afro-ed artist Bob Ross teach the world how to paint back in the eighties, we loved seeing this new Google logo celebrating the master painter’s 70th birthday. As Bob said, “Every day is a good day when you paint.”


Did we miss anything? Let us know below.



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