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Logo Design News This Week 3.7

Yet another week has flown by. Before you start up your holiday weekend, here’s a wrap up of all the news from the world of logo design that caught our eye.

New OSU Logo DesignWe love new sports logos and the Pac-12, so this new logo definitely caught our notice. The Oregon State Beavers may be about to unveil a new logo. The new logo is a bit more stylized, and sleek. But we don’t think it’s much of an improvement over the current icon. We’ll hold our final judgement until we see the official announcement. From the looks of the comments, most fans don’t approve of the change.

In other sports logo news, the Harrisburg Stampede got a new (very evil looking) logo this week. So did the Rockford Aviators. And a bit more fall-out on the new Ohio State logo, which cost the University roughly $45,000. For those looking for a new logo, may we suggest a more affordable option?

UWL New Logo DesignThe University of Wisconsin-La Crosse unveiled a new logo this week. They’ll be rolling it our on marketing materials later this spring. The new logo is designed to “add to UW-L’s competitive edge among Midwest schools.” We’re not sure if they’re talking about an edge on the field or with student enrollements. Either way, count us dubious that the logo will deliver on such a promise. In fact, the design is pretty forgettable. Bakersfield College also got a new logo this week—theirs looks a bit like a mustache riding a horse.

Running for Mayor in New York City? Designers don’t like your logos.

Gold Coast Logo DesignWe also saw a couple of communities unveil new logos. We liked the logo designed for Peachtree Corners. We really dislike the new logo for the St. Petersburg airport. What a mess. We also like the logo installation for Gold Coast in Australia (even though it is very similar to the outdoor logo installation for Amersterdam). And finally a new logo for Philadelphia that we don’t care for—not because it’s a bad logo, but rather it doesn’t say anything unique about the city of Philadelphia. This is just another community logo that would do the job anywhere (as long as the job doesn’t include standing out from everywhere else).

All the new big company logos for the month of January can be seen here.

Goodbye Magazine Logo DesignA couple of logo controversies reared their ugly heads this week. First Hello! Magazine has forced Goodbye! Magazine to change its name and logo. And while the article seems to side with the loser, this seems like a pretty good case to us. Next, that new logo for Bulgaria that we wrote about a couple of weeks ago? Well, it appears the idea was stolen from a new logo for Kyrgyzstan. Maybe we’ll have a new logo for Bulgaria to show you in the coming weeks. Lastly, TD Ameritrade isn’t too happy about the logo design for Thiesen Dueker. So the smaller TD got a new logo too.

Ever wanted to put your logo on a police car? Well, now you can. Sounds like a great opportunity for a bail bondsman.

Google Ferris Wheel Logo DesignYesterday Google had a new logo up in time for Valentine’s Day and George Ferris’ birthday. This one is an animated game, featuring an amusement park with Ferris Wheels that move around and allows you to pair different animal characters to see how their love works out. Clever. And, of course, Brazil got its own logo for Carnival.

What did we miss? Let us know.


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