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Logo Design News This Week 3.8

Here we are again, wrapping up the eighth week of the year and all the news in the world of logo design that happened over the past seven days. Here’s what caught our attention this week:

New Vikings Logo DesignThe Minnesota Vikings got a new logo this week. But you’ll be forgiven if you didn’t notice. The changes are rather subtle—a slightly different braid, bolder lines, a cleaner horn. Looking at the two logos side by side is a little like the children’s game that asks you to identify and circle the differences. We’ve posted both logos here, so go for it. The new logo is on the right.

What if all NFL teams were British? Here’s a cheeky look what their logos might be like. Apparently the Brits love monocles.

Main Street Gainesville Logo DesignEach week as we scan the news for new logos, we are amazed by how many new logos there are for small communities. Dozens. We suppose that this makes sense as there are millions of communities and a small percentage of them will unveil new logos each week, but wow. And let’s not go on about how so many of them look the same. The logos that are supposed to define a community end up helping them blend in. This week we saw new logos for: Main Street Gainesville, Cartersville Downtown Development Authority, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, White Lake Chamber of Commerce, North Cowichan, Haywood Chamber, and the Melbourne Convention Bureau.

Want free bar-b-que? Just tattoo B.T.’s Smokehouse logo on your body and it’s yours.

Armor UMHB Logo DesignEach week we tend to see more than one new logo for colleges around the country. We wouldn’t guess that there are that many in need of logos, but we’d be wrong. This week saw new logos for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and the Abilene Christian Wildcats (can you believe they’re ready to jump to Division 1 already?).

That wasn’t the only university logo related news. We also found this: Hey University of Utah fans, it may be time for a new logo. The comments at the link are kind of fun. Or not, depending on your view.

Regular readers of our blog will know that we love logo news like this next item: The Department of Social Protection (better known as the dole office) spent nearly $90,000 on a new green circle logo. Ouch. Here’s a reminder, there’s a less expensive option when it comes to logo design. Just go here.

Copernicus Google Logo DesignThe world celebrated the 540th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus this past week. Copernicus, of course, was the man who suggested that the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around (and reaped the condemnation of the Church). In Google’s newest logo, it is Google that the world rotates around. There was another space oriented Google logo this week, but it was pulled when the meteor hit Russia earlier this week.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.


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