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Logo Design News This Week 3.17

It’s Friday afternoon again, which means it is time for another round-up of all the big (and some not-so-big) news from the world of logo design. Here are all the items that caught our attention this past week:

Lionsgate Logo DesignThe New York Times says they do it every decade, so maybe this isn’t a big deal, but Lionsgate Studio updated their logo this week. The animation pulls away from earth through the constellation Leo (get it?) then back down into a cloudy sky. We’re left to wonder is this another planet or some weird space warp? It’s cool, but honestly we like the gears and lock of the old animation better. The logo itself is a slight update, making the letters 3D, adding a little color and size. Click here to see the before and after animations.

We told you about the new Spotify logo a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the story behind the rebranding effort.

Rose Bowl Logo DesignWe’re big Pac-12 fans around the Logomaker office, so we liked seeing the just-released logo for the 100th anniversary of the Rose Bowl. Wikipedia (somewhat suspiciously) notes that it is “the most prestigious of all the bowl games.” The Rose Bowl is the first Bowl Game to reach 100 games (the first game was between Michigan and Stanford) and the new logo reflects that with some added copy. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same logo we’ve seen before.

In other collegiate logo news, you can help pick the first logo of the college football playoffs.

Who knew that Fort Knox had its own logo? We didn’t. Now apparently they have a new logo design celebrating “heritage, human capital, leadership, training, and effects.” Hmmm. It seems that Fort Knox is known for one thing. And it’s not the slogan in the logo. We’re wondering if Auric Goldfinger would have been so interested in this place if he knew what Fort Knox really stood for. Seems like a missed opportunity.

The Log Cabin Republicans have a nice new logo.

Euro 2016 Logo DesignThis week the European Football Association (UEFA) unveiled a new logo as part of the launch of the branding for the Euro 2016 Football Tournament. This logo practically says,  “I heart soccer.” Which is probably true for just about everyone in Europe.

And on the subject of European logo love, David Airey links to an interesting article about the iconic graphics used to represent British Rail stops. These icons are great representations of the local areas where they’re found. Our particular favorite is the mark used by Edinburgh. Cannon Street and Fenchurch Street are also favorites.

Wines of Hungary Logo DesignSince we’re writing about European logos, why not one more? Wines of Hungary released a new logo this week in an effort to establish a national identity for Hungarian wines. The logo is part of a trend we’ve seen for the past couple of years that uses lots of small images to create a larger image, in this case flowers in the shape of a wine bottle. We’re not fans of the type treatment, the use of two fonts, or the overall spacing of the logo. But the icon isn’t bad. The spacing of the Hungarian version (shown here) is much better.


We generally like hidden elements in logos (like the FedEx arrow) but this one is a bit to subtle for our taste.

Ella Fitzgerald Google Logo DesignWe were going to wrap this week’s update with the new animated Google logo celebrating Earth Day, then we spotted this Google Logo celebrating Jazz Great Ella Fitzgerald’s 96th birthday and thought better of it. We also like this Google logo celebrating St. George’s Day that was spotted in the United Kingdom this past week.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.