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Logo Design News This Week 3.19

Welcome to another edition of Logo Design News This Week, a wrap up of all the latest news from the world of… you guessed it… logo design. Here’s the stuff that caught our attention:

Little Debbie Logo DesignsHere’s a logo change so subtle you would probably never notice if you weren’t told it had changed. Little Debbie made several slight tweaks to it’s Debbie logo, removing the string from her hat, taking the lace off her collar, rounding her left eye brow, lightening the shirt and darkening her hair slightly. It’s a bit like the children’s game where you need to spot the differences between the two pictures. We’ve posted the before and after here so you can play along. Even with the update, the logo looks remarkably like Debbie McKee who is the namesake for the brand. (Pictures at the link).

Last week we told you about the new P&G logo. This week the guys at Emblemetric take a look at the numbers behind the new P&G logo. Plus you can check out the evolution of the logo there. Also from last week, we told you about a real estate company that offered employees a 15% raise to get a company tattoo. Turns out one in ten Americans would take that offer.

PyeongChang Olympic Logo DesignIn general, Olympic logos are pretty darn good. Rio is an example. Though, there have been exceptions. We were lucky to work for one of the design agencies that helped create the 2002 Winter Olympic logo and saw the intense thought and work that go into creating a great mark. This week the South Korean Olympic Committee unveiled its logo for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. It’s a simple representation of Korean letters and, well, it’s not very good. Not London Olympics bad, but not good.


JC Penney’s has fallen on tough times. Part of the problem may be that they’ve changed the logo so much that nearly half of America no longer recognizes it.

SDSU Logo DesignWe’re really liking this update to the San Diego State Aztec logo. This mark does exactly what a logo update should do—preserves the historical feel while freshening it up with a modern look. They dropped the gold accents and the word “state” from the mark, and pulled everything together a little more tightly. They even created a custom font to go with the logo (which Sport Illustrated writer Holly Anderson has a little fun with).


Do good logos actually need to look good?

Dawn of the Plante of the Apes LogoWe saw a few logos related to media this week. The first is a first look at the logo for next year’s Planet of the Apes movie which pits a group of human survivors against an army of apes led by Caesar. Fans of the movie are thinking, “Cool.” while others are asking, “Is that the movie where Charlton Heston yells at the statue of liberty?” Other new media logos we saw this week include the new 21st Century Fox logo, the Universal channel, and the French version of Turner Classic Movies or TCM Cinema. And there was this new logo for upcoming ABC-Univision channel called Fusion. Very cool.

If you are thinking of designing a logo with an X as an element, check these logo designs out first. That idea may be getting old.

Saul Bass Google Logo DesignThis week, Google celebrated the 93rd birthday of well-known logo designer Saul Bass with a new Google logo of his own. This one plays off some of of his film titles. Click the link to watch the titles. For those who want to see some of Mr. Bass’ logo design work, click here. And to read a few quotes of creativity and design from Saul Bass, go here. More here.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.