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Logo Design News This Week 3.26

It’s the last day of the work week and that means it’s time for another round up of logo design news. Here are all the items that caught our attention this week:

New Marriott Hotels LogoLate last week Marriott Hotels unveiled a new logo to go along with their new slogan “travel brilliantly.” The new campaign is intended to re-establish Marriott as an innovation leader and leader/pioneer in the travel industry. Along with the new logo, Marriott is undertaking a major redesign of its hotel lobbies, so we’ll soon be able to see what kind of innovation they are talking about. Regardless, it’s a strong mark—simple and easily recognizable.

Check out this collection of advice from several “leading” logo designers on the rules that all logos should follow. Sounds like a lot of the things we’ve recommended on this blog.

MEC Logo DesignOutdoor retailer, Mountain Equipment Co-op has updated their logo, removing its name and the tree that (to us at least) looked a lot like the REI logo. The new logo is a big green box with the initials MEC. Chief Marketing Officer Anne Donohoe says the new logo “reflects the reality of the new MEC.” We’re not sure what that means, as the new logo appears to have less personality than the old. Or, maybe that is what she means. We’re not the only ones who aren’t excited about this new direction.

What are the oldest company logos in America? 24/7 Wall Street has the answer.

New Motorola Logo DesignHow about another new logo with a big capital M in it this week? Motorola, which was acquired by Google last year, has unveiled it’s new logo which is really its old logo in a circle of Google’s colors. We like the icon update, but the new logo has too many fonts. It’s way too busy. The guys at Cult of Mac wonder if the design was inspired by Apple’s design team.


Hey Jr. Gone Wild, Alberta says you can’t use that logo, even if you mean well.

Phoenix Suns LogoThis week we have so many new sports logos we could do an update with them alone. Let’s start in the NBA, where the Phoenix Suns officially unveiled their new logo (which had leaked a few days earlier). This is the first logo update for the Suns in 13 years. Sticking to basketball, the 2014 Women’s Final Four got its new logo this week too. The past week also saw a new logo for Conference USA—the athletic conference made up of the teams left behind by the new football focused American Athletic Conference (we showed you their new logo here).

Euro 2016 Logo DesignStill keeping with the new sports logo theme, we move across the pond where the official Euro 2016 logo was revealed this past week. The theme is “celebrating the art of football”. Hosted in France, the logo features a lot of French influences, like the colors of the French flag as well as abstract art elements, all surrounding the Delaunay Trophy.

Still in the world of Football, the Polish football league, Ekstaklasa, unveiled a new logo this week. We really like this one. Not to be out done, the Nigerian Premier League (soccer/football) also got a new logo design. Theirs prominently features corporate sponsor Globacom’s logo. And with the start of the Tour de France tomorrow, it was time for speedy cyclist Mark Cavendish to unveil his new logo this week too.

Are these really the most hated logo redesigns ever? We don’t like some of them, but there’s some pretty good redesigns there.

Gaudi Google Logo DesignAnd we wrap things up with the latest Google logo, this one celebrating the birthday of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, whose work on the Sagrada Familia is considered to be “the most extraordinary personal interpretation of Gothic architecture since the middle ages.” It’s a very cool building. And the logo is pretty cool too.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.


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