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Logo Design News This Week (3.36)

Welcome back. Fall is officially (and depressingly) here but that hasn’t stopped the steady flow of new logo designs into the news. Here’s the stuff we noticed this week:

Wrigley Field 100 Logo DesignEveryone loves a birthday. And this week we’ve got two. We’ll end our update with the second, but first Wrigley Field is celebrating its 100th birthday next year and like all great baseball stadium celebrations, this one calls for a new logo. The Cubs held a competition for the logo and received more than 1200 concepts. The winner was designed by Brandon Ort and will be featured on the team’s home uniforms as well as all kinds of collectible memorabilia. Here’s a gallery of the submissions. Might be a good year to catch a game in the stadium.

Pretty good advice. But if you need your first logo, you know where to go.

Opera Australia Logo DesignOpera fans in Sydney and Melbourne got a reason to celebrate this week—a new logo for Australia Opera. The logo plays off the idea that the words Opera and Opera Australia both start and end with the same letter. So the logo has several executions of varying lengths. We like the short O|A version, but the long O|pera Australi|A is a little hard to read. From the press release: “this new brand seeks to express that opera isn’t one-dimensional – it’s multi-dimensional. The costumes, the sets, the stories, the music, the emotion, the stars, the venues, etc. We expressed this by introducing vertical bars, based on musical notation, to separate the different dimensions of opera.” That’s what David Taylor would call “brand bollucks“.

More good news for lovers of classical music and logos: the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra also got a new logo this week.

New Kalashnikov Logo DesignMachine gun enthusiasts may have noticed a new logo for the manufacturer of Kalashnikov weapons and guns. The company founded by Tsar Alexander I changed its name earlier this year to match its most popular product. The company is the largest producer of military automatic and sniper weapons in Russia. The logo is okay, but the decision to rename the company after its most popular product and a name well known throughout the world is a good branding move.

Because the iPad, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab, MeMo Pad, Iconia, Razer Edge, Latitude, and and IdeaTab aren’t enough, Tesco released its own tablet computer and of course, a new logo to go along with it.

New Nashua Logo DesignWould you pay $110,000 for a logo? The citizens of Nashua did. The city “invested” $50,000 while the Chamber of Commerce raised an additional $60,000 for the logo. According to the Chamber President, the partnership to raise funding shows people that Nahsua is a place where the public and private sectors work together to serve their needs. We think it shows that the two sectors work together to waste people’s money. The logo is  very nice, but not $110,000 nice. Someone please tell us how this icon represents Nashua in a way that is unique to the town?

New YP Logo DesignDo people still use the yellow pages? If not, will a new logo help bring them back? That’s what YP is hoping for, from the looks of it. The new logo is a flat rethinking of the older mark and is likely designed to help move the company away from dependence on printed phone books and into online executions. We think the new logo looks an awfully lot like the updated AP logo introduced last year. YP/AP what’s the difference? There’s some nice design applications for the new logo at the link.


Google Birthday Party Logo DesignGoogle’s 15th birthday is today (the second birthday in today’s update). And the company wished itself a happy birthday with a special Google logo party complete with a candy-filled piñata. It’s a party game! The logo gives you a limited number of swings to knock down as much candy as possible, then tells you your score. It’s surprisingly addictive. And if you don’t remember what Google looked like way back in 1998 when it was just a pup, type the phrase “Google in 1998” in the search engine and viola! Click the link to see a collection of Google’s other birthday logos.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.

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