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Logo Design News This Week (4.7)

It’s time for the latest update full of news from the world of logo design. Here’s what caught our eye over the past seven days:

Olive Garden Logo DesignOlive Garden, the family friendly Italian restaurant chain that hipsters love to hate and Americans love to visit, unveiled a new logo this week. And the best thing we can say is that it is better than the old one. It’s not great. It lacks color and gives up some of the kitschy iconography of the old logo. But the last logo design was bad. Try embroidering the old logo on a golf shirt or printing in in black and white. Critics have come out in force. We tend to think that a lot of the hatred of the logo is misplaced hatred of the brand itself—it’s hip to hate Olive Garden. It’s not a great logo, but it is a step in the right direction.

Speaking of bad logos, check out this survey of neutered man logo designs (called sprites).

New Reebok Logo DesignLast week we mentioned that the new Reebok logo looked like an imperial star fighter. We stand by that remark (it does). This week we saw the short video about the brand transition away from marketing with superstars toward focusing on the single sport of fitness. Brands don’t usually undergo this kind of change when things are going well, so this is a signal that the brand was losing the battle with Nike, UnderArmor, and others. We doubt the new logo will do much to further the new brand position, but time will tell. We prefer the older logo—it was more unique.

The Fort Worth Vaqueros (soccer team) need a logo. Now’s your chance to vote on the one the team will reportedly use.

Kobe Bryant Logo PianoInteresting logo news item: apparently Kobe Bryant isn’t just good at basketball, he’s a pretty good pianist as well. He reportedly likes to sit down to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (a piece we never managed to master) to relieve stress. Yes, you read that right. Kobe can play the piano. And what does a guy with his own logo (courtesy of Nike) do when he buys a piano? He has someone make it in the shape of his logo. It’s good to be king, or the black mamba.

The Wall Street Journal hints that the new Fiat Chrysler logo is boring. They have a point.

St. David Google Logo DesignThis week Google didn’t change their logo in the United States, but Brazil got a logo for Carnival, while most of the British Isles saw a logo for Elizabeth Browning’s 208th birthday. We liked this logo, also shown in the United Kingdom, for St. David’s Day. St. David is the patron saint of Wales, though there is little evidence that he ever wore a top hat or shared tea with a dragon.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.



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