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11 Quotes for Business Owners and Startups from Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer Startup AdviceJon Taffer is a former business owner (as many as 17 restaurants at one time) and currently hosts and co-produces Spike TV’s popular show “Bar Rescue”. Taffer is an authority in the food and beverage industry and master of hospitality in general. Both on TV and off, he has revivified literally thousands of dying restaurants and bars by incorporating strict business rules and customer expectations into business models that previously had no such compass.

In his recent book Raise the Bar, he explains the philosophy of Reaction Management which is essentially how businesses should focus on getting the right reaction from customers—regardless of industry—in order to find success. Whether he’s rescuing bars, granting an interview, or writing a book, his advice to would-be successful business owners is consistent. Here are some of his most poignant things he’s said:

“Looking back on my career, I realize I never intentionally chose it; passion drove me toward it.”

“When a customer’s expectations for your business don’t match reality, his or her perception is affected, oftentimes permanently. Shoddy business presentation and practices affect how much value a customer places on your brand.”

“Everything we do is part of a process, never a result.”

“Any business, no matter what it is, lives or dies by the customer reactions it creates.”

“We only fail because of ourselves. The minute you take responsibility, everything changes.”

“Stay on top of the numbers.”

“You’ve got to have experience. Either work for someone else first or have a partner with experience.”

“See every crack, every detail. I learned to really see and not just look at my business.”

“I do not favor innovation over listening to customers—I favor innovation while listening. It’s not that I’m against new ideas, but as a businessman, I need it to protect and maximize investments.”

“Your ‘brand’ is what your customers think of you, not what you think of you.”

“I don’t embrace excuses. I embrace solutions.”

—Jon Taffer, Businessman, TV Producer, Author


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