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Logo Design News This Week (4.25)

Each new Friday, we take a quick look back at the week that was in logo design and think to ourselves, “Wow, that week went by fast. And look at all the stuff that happened…” Let’s take a look at the logo-related stuff that happened over the past seven days.

Let’s start with a few new logo announcements related to television stations…

FYI Logo DesignThe first was related to the relaunch of the Biography channel as FYI,. The station change was announced earlier this year, but final details for the logo had not been worked out. We have to admit that we don’t like the new name or the new logo half as much as we liked the old Bio. logo. Click the link to see the old logo. The new name is intended to allow viewers to fill in the blanks, like: “for your information” or “for your imagination” or “for your inspiration” and is probably more versatile than the old name. It’s a nice idea, but the visual branding isn’t as strong as it was. We’ll see if the new branding holds up…

Next up is a new logo for Hallmark Moveis and Mysteries (formerly the Hallmark Movie Channel. Click the link to see the logo.

Discovery Life Logo DesignBut Biography and Hallmark aren’t the only stations changing their identities and logos. Discovery Fit and Health (a station we have to confess we’ve never heard of, which might explain our present girth) is changing its name to Discovery Life (not to be confused with the Lifetime channel). And of course the new name comes complete with a new brand identity shown here. The “new” channel will focus on relationships and target middle-age women. Another logo that doesn’t do much for us, but then we’re not in the target market.

Now let’s turn to the world of soccer. First, check out these “best of” Google logos celebrating the games of the World Cup.

New Inter Milan Logo DesignNext, a couple of soccer (or is it football?) teams (or sides as football fans call them) timed new logo announcements to go along with the World Cup final. First, lots of fans not really loving the great big huge chevy logo that will appear on the kit (that’s uniform to you Americans) for Manchester United. And Inter Milan introduced a new logo that is very similar to the old logo, except the letters are a bit thinner and the star is gone. Surely fans will notice, but probably no one else.

Another sports logo: the Sacramento Kings have a new logo to celebrate their 30th season in California’s capital city.

One more sports logo link: We’ve linked to this kind of article before, but here’s another. Check out the hidden images in these designs.

Clermont Logo DesignThis may be one of the worst logo redesigns we’ve ever seen, not because the logo is bad (though it is not very good), but for the ridiculous “branding bollocks” used to justify the change. Clermont is now the Choice of Champions, not the Gem of the Hills. And they have a new logo. But read the description of how the designers explained the “meaning” of the logo and try not to laugh. If you have to explain with words what a logo means, it’s not a very good logo. And how exactly is the city the Choice of Champions?

On the other hand, this one isn’t much better. Reminds us of the burner on a stove.

If you’re following Turkish politics, you might have noticed a similarity between the current President’s logo and the logo used by the Obama team. And the angry birds logo.

Tanabata Logo DesignThere were several World Cup related logos posted at Google—as noted above. So this week we wrap up with the new logo celebrating Tanabata, the Japanese star festival. The logo was only seen in Japan and celebrates a fairy tale about two stars, hopelessly in love, but separated by the vast milky way.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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