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Logo Design News This Week (4.26)

Time to take another look back at all the news from the world of logo design. Check out what caught our attention over the past seven days:

New Airbnb Logo DesignThe biggest logo design story of the week by far was the launch of a new logo by AirBNB. The launch went off without a hitch–unveiling a well-designed icon. Then someone noticed that it resembled a certain part of female anatomy. Or is it a butt? Or something else. And someone else noticed it looked an awfully lot like another logo (which incidentally no one said looked like anatomy). Once the criticism started, it didn’t let up. Now there are dozens of parodies (that last link is probably NSFW) of the new design. So are the critiques on the money? The logo may suggest certain body parts to some people, but that wasn’t our first thought. We actually like the new mark. And despite the controversy, some experts are suggesting that a logo is supposed to get attention… even if its the wrong kind. Our guess is that people will still be talking about this design next week.


That last item is a good example of the “endless series of drive-by shootings punctuated by the occasional lynch mob, conducted by anonymous people with the depth of barroom philosophers and the attention span of fruit flies” written of by Michael Beirut.

New Oxygen Logo DesignLast week we told you about three new television network logos. This week we have two more to add to the pile. Must be that time of the year… TruTV announced a tweak to its logo design this past week, raising the period and italicizing the TV at the end of the mark. In addition, Oxygen unveiled a new logo to be used in the upcoming season. The new mark also comes with a new tagline: Very Real.

Check out this diamond studded Disney logo created for the 60th birthday of DisneyWorld.

Liechtenstein Olympic Committee Logo DesignThe Liechtenstein Olympic Committee has a new logo. Let’s see if it has everything… Olympic colored rings? Check. Olympic Committee name? Check. Some symbol representing the country? Check, in this case, its a crown. Congratulations. Your Olympic logo looks like every other Olympic Committee logo in the world.



By the looks of it, the logo for the next NBA All-star Game has something to do with a subway transportation map. Or tinker toys. Or pipes.

Google Nelson Mandela Logo DesignWe finish up this week with the logo that Google created to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 96th birthday. The design included a set of animations that accompanied several of Mandela’s best known quotes. Often we add a short description of why the person or holiday celebrated by Google deserves their own logo, but in the case of Mandela, no such explanation is needed.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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