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10 Quotes to Inspire your Start-up from Start-up Wizard, Jason Saltzman

Jason Saltzman Startup QuotesJason Saltzman is a technology entrepreneur and co-founder of AlleyNYC. This, his latest start-up, capitalizes on his experience as a serial entrepreneur who understands the needs of launching a new business. AlleyNYC is an environment of shared workspace for developers, designers and entrepreneurs, creating an ideal ecosystem for success. The concept is completely tailored to giving start-ups an affordable place to work with opportunities and access to like-minded people, law resources, venture capitalists, angel investors and more. It even offers virtual membership options for start-ups that want access to the supplemental resources but don’t live in New York City.

Saltzman’s background is in sales and marketing and he serves as a mentor and subject matter expert in his field. He is an Entrepreneur Magazine contributor and a member of the U.S. Department’s Speaker and Specialist Program. This year he traveled to Kuwait City as part of a grant for the Speaker and Specialist Program where he presented a seminar on entrepreneurship to a nation where nearly all jobs are in the government sector. He is passionate about technology, networking, and educating others through sharing his own insights. Here is his advice for your start-up:

“The most common trait in aspiring entrepreneurs is passion. If you are not making money, you need passion to get you through those sleepless nights. You have to want to solve an issue that you truly believe in.”

“The most successful entrepreneurs, in my opinion, are the biggest gamblers. You have to be willing to sit at the most expensive blackjack table on the planet, with all your money on one hand, and say, ‘HIT ME.’”

“Most entrepreneurs see a problem and want to solve it. We walk through a business or use a service and automatically start thinking of how we can make things better. We are not backseat drivers — we actually do something if the problem we see has scale and we think we can solve it.”

“I have seen people quit to start a new business without any startup experience, and it works out. In this case, having a deep understanding of the pain point and a practical way of solving it is all one needs to start a successful company.”

“I believe the quicker that you accept failure as a lesson, the closer you are to success.”

“Life is way too fast and short to not be motivated. If you are thinking about doing something, or if you want to push your business to the next level, do it now. With every second that goes by you should be thinking about what you want out of life and then you should take action to get it done.”

“You want the money and you want it yesterday. In order to make the right decision for your business, you must be methodical in your approach. This is one of the biggest things that will ever happen for you and your business. Stay calm, cool, and collected.”

“The right representation is crucial. This is not just a lawyer, but a consigliore who is going to help guide you through the process…A good lawyer will not just look at the risk. He/she will guide you to a palatable deal.”

“You should profile who you want to be your investor—not so much who the person is, but what they look like on paper. Profile them. An entrepreneur who sold her company for millions of dollars, a real estate tycoon, a grocery store chain owner, etc. Target your demographic properly and your investor will not only write you a check, they will be the best advisors ever.”

“A good mentor is key, but especially when you are raising funds.”

—Jason Saltzman, serial entrepreneur and CEO of AlleyNYC