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Logo Design News This Week (4.38)

Another Friday means another look back at the past week’s news from the world of logo design. Here’s what we saw. Let us know if we missed anything:

New Boomerang Logo DesignTelevision is a target rich environment when it comes to new logos. With the thousands of TV stations around the world, it’s a good bet that we’ll see a new logo about once a week, if not more. This week we saw a new logo for kid station, Boomerang. And while the new logo is okay, we prefer the older logo (both the US and international versions) which seem to have more character. The new logo design reads a bit like a computer chip. The new type isn’t as interesting and some of the lettering is just plain bad (the R and the break in the type). This branding redo is a miss.

Sportsgrid points to this designer’s portfolio that reimagines all of the NBA logos using the brand new MLS logo template. Not mind-blowing, but cool none-the-less.

Salesforce Logo DesignCloud computing pioneer, Salesforce, has a new logo design. The new design preserves the familiar cloud shape, but ditches the old font and the white reflective cloudiness. The new logo is definitely an improvement, but we prefer the older font which just feels a little more unique to us. Overall, it’s a stronger, more memorable mark.

Is the new Saturday Night Live logo inspired by Woody Allen’s Manhatten?

Coeur d'Alene Logo DesignIt’s been a while since we wrote about the futility of small town branding or since we poked fun at a poorly designed logo for a municipality that simply doesn’t have the budget to advertise the logo in a way that might make a difference. So let’s do that now. Coeur d’Alene Idaho has a new logo that looks like dozens of other small towns across America. In its favor is the graphic depiction of the lake, mountains and nature which Coeur d’Alene has in spades. But bad typography (seriously—a hash mark?) and a logo that looks like so many others? Meh.

Hey, here’s another new small town logo that we could have said the same thing about.

Hannah Arendt Google Logo DesignNo new Google logos in the USA this week, but we did see this logo celebrating German political theorist, Hannah Arendt’s 108th birthday. This logo was shown in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, but not North America.