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Logo Design News This Week (4.41)

That week went fast. It’s Friday, which means it’s time to take a look back at the latest news from the world of logo design. Good logos and bad, here’s what caught our eye:

Arizona Lottery Logo DesignLet’s start off with the new logo for the Arizona Lottery, announced just this week. Based on recent analysis on why players are attracted to the game, the new logo is supposed to convey a sense of fun and entertaining nature the lottery games offer. Given the cheap, clip-art prospector look of the old logo design, which also featured the state’s flag, we’d say this is an improvement that will make the new logo a little more versatile, though we wonder if the star iconography is connected a little more closely to Texas than Arizona. Nevertheless, a good step forward for this brand.

November has come to be known as the month when men grow out their mustaches to draw attention to prostate cancer and other men’s issues. Emblematic takes a look at the rise in logos with nose neighbors, lip dusters, and crumb catchers.

GoDaddy Bowl Logo DesignIt used to be called the Mobile Alabama Bowl, then the GMAC bowl, and now the GoDaddy Bowl. And it’s never been shy about advertising it’s sponsor’s connections in the official logo. This week we got the first look at the new Bowl logo, which screams GoDaddy. If you’re not bothered by the massive presence of the sponsor, then it’s not a bad logo. The design is simple, featuring standard elements of a football and shield. GoDaddy will certainly love it.

We’ve said it before, we like minor league baseball logos. Like the new-last-year Akron Rubber Ducks which we wrote about here. This week their logo was named the Best New Logo of the Year by Ballpark Digest. We assume that’s a prestigious award.

New SAPO Logo DesignHere’s a new logo we love (via Brand New) for Portuguese search engine and web portal SAPO. The old logo was cartoonish and dated, while the new logo is abstract, a bit more sophisticated, and unique. The 3D effect gives the icon some depth without jumping out at you. Nice. And the new word mark is a big step up as well, nothing amazing, just a good use of a strong font. With all the badly designed icons we see each week, it’s nice to come across one like this. Bravo, SAPO.

Two cities share a logo. So who’s name goes first? It’s a logo controversy!

Respublica University Logo DesignOne category of branding that we tend to like is college and university logos. We’ve profiled many here on the blog and they tend to fall into one of two categories. Either they rely heavily on traditional design elements like shields, books, scrolls, and latin phrases on ribbons, or they try to be so different that they end up not looking like schools at all. This logo is for a bookstore, not a university, despite the name: Respublica University. However they do a great job of capturing the iconography of the first direction, while creating some distance as well.

After 51 years, Chrysler is putting its pentagram/star logo into storage. Another Logo R.I.P.

Election Day Google Logo DesignGoogle’s latest logo was posted for Election Day in the United States. And as is becoming more common, it was more than a simple logo. Clicking on this icon let you search for your polling location so you could vote. A great use of the logo and a great way to generate some positive PR for the day.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.


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