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Logo Design News This Week (5.13)

Welcome to the last logo design news of the quarter. Believe it or not, we’re 1/4 of the way through 2015 and we’ve covered quite a bit of news over the past few weeks. Here’s all the stuff we saw happening over the past seven days:

Ted Cruz Campaign Logo DesignThe biggest logo news of the week (or at least the most controversial) was the introduction of the logo that accompanied Ted Cruz’s announcement of his presidential campaign. Why was this big news? We’re not sure. But for some reason, everything about Mr. Cruz attracts criticism and complaint from one side of the political spectrum, so why would his logo be different? People accused Cruz of plagiarizing the logo from stock art. Or having a burning flag logo (note to Debbie Millman: that’s not illegal). Or AlJazeera. Or ripping off the flame used by some Christian churches. Or Tinder. Seriously? Can we all just settle down for a minute? This isn’t even close to a stolen logo. It’s simply a flame/flag. It’s going to look a lot like other flame logos. It’s not very original, but it’s not a rip.

The upcoming Fantastic Four movie has a new logo design.

Old Minneapolis Logo DesignWhoops. A few weeks ago we told you that the City of Minneapolis had a new one-sailboat logo. It appears those reports may have been a bit premature. The city council has refused to approve the new logo. So the city is stuck with its old, two-sailboat design for the time being. One of the council members even stated she doesn’t like the sail boats, so who know? Maybe we’ll be writing about a new non-sailboat icon for the city in the future.

We’re willing to be that the State Fair in Tennessee is a big deal. So the new logo for the fairgrounds is also likely to be a big deal.

Meals on Wheels Logo DesignHere’s a logo we don’t much like. Meals of Wheels traded their boring, but very readable logo design for something a little more confusing. The new logo uses a stylized MW symbol combined with dots that are heads or wheels, creating an icon that looks a bit like two people pushing a shopping cart, but not really. Remove the icon and this is a decent logotype. But that icon is way too busy and doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It’s not a new logo, but the Bay Bears logo story is somewhat interesting.

Oxbow Animal Health Logo DesignEvery once in a while we stumble across a logo in a product category that we are completely unfamiliar with. And one of those categories is animal food packaging. We’re not talking Meow Mix here. This is small animal hay food and supplements. And if you’re living in the city and don’t see this much either, the new Oxbow logo design is probably new to you too. It’s a nice mark that uses farm imagery in a nice way to establish trust. We like this logo.

Another logo we like is this one for The Oliver Twist Inn.

Young at Art Logo DesignHow about a last logo that we really like for the week? We saw this new logo design for Young at Art at BrandNew and really like its versatility. Click the link and see how the brand is implimented. I want one of those shirts. Young at Art is a non-profit children’s art company that encourages children to participate in and enjoy the arts. A good cause with a great logo.

And just because we have room, we also saw this new design for the Alliance for the Arts.

Did we miss anything you saw? Let us know in the comments.


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