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Will Robots Take Your Job? Probably.

As I mentioned last week, things have been pretty busy around Logomaker HQ for the past couple of weeks.

I recently spoke at 3 Things, a bi-monthly get-together put on by Objective, a Salt Lake web design agency. It was a small group this time, but fun. One of my co-presenters was Alan Martin, CEO of Sidewalk. Smart guy with a smart presentation.

For my presentation, I spoke a little bit about how when we launched Logomaker, we heard from lots of designers who complained that we were devaluing design. That they couldn’t compete against do-it-yourself tool. And that we were evil.

No doubt some designers lost work to our easy-to-use software.

But only designers who offered their customers logos and nothing else. Because a designer who could add more value than our logo design robot would have a significant advantage.

If all you do is what robots can do, then eventually a robot will take your job.

Here’s a version of the presentation I gave (edited to make a bit more sense without my narration). I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.