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Logo Design News This Week (5.29)

Summer Fridays are among our very favorite days of the year. And not just because we take a look back at the biggest news from the world of logo design on those days. But that’s as good a reason as any other. Here’s what we noticed this week:

Yard Goat Logo DesignWhen the Hartford Yard Goats unveiled their new team name earlier this year, people laughed. Or complained. But the new logo unveiled this week has proved enormously popular—the team has already sold out of much of their initial gear. One Hartford police officer (the kind of manly man who might object to such a silly mascot) called the icon “cute” and said he wouldn’t mind wearing the hat. Apparently that reaction has been common. From a design standpoint, we like the icon (the lines a bit more complex than we would normally suggest, but it’s nice). The type treatment, however, is lousy. Some letters with curls (one assumes to mimic goat horns) while others end in solid serifs is just awful.

We noted this story late last year, but it looks like The University of Southern Mississippi has finalized their new logo. The evil eye carries the day.

Walker Campaign Logo DesignWisconsin’s controversial governor, long expected to run for president, made it official this week. And introduced a campaign logo. We’ve profiled several of the candidate logos in this column over the past few months. Some are okay. Some are bad. None are great. But Walker’s new logo is one of the better ones. We like the bold font and the use of American flag iconography. Welcome to the party, Governor Walker.

So this week the NBA proved they can’t tell a deer from an elk and asked Elk Mound High School to get a new logo. We don’t think these logos are all that close, but no high school in the world has the resources to take on the NBA, so the school’s logo goes.

Camborne Logo DesignCamborne, a small town in Cornwall, has a new logo. Now before we go into our usual complaint about how small town logos don’t do what small towns want them to do, let us say, we like this logo design. It’s bright, eye-catching, and contemporary. But because we’re not from Camborne or Cornwall, we haven’t a clue what that logo is. Are those things trains, or forklifts or some kind of mining equipment? According to the research for the brand redo, what makes Cornwall special is the rugged beauty of the area and the Cornish people. But the logo features neither of those things (not that it must). But it does seem a little counter intuitive that the logo does feature gears and some kind of ancient steam machine only tangentially attached to what makes Camborne special.

Comic fans saw a couple of new movie logos this week. Marvel’s X-men Apocalypse and DC’s Suicide Squad both got attention for their new designs. Roald Dahl too!

Google Bastille Day Logo DesignWe wrap up this week with a new Google logo celebrating Bastille Day, France’s version of America’s Independence Day, but with a bit more of a proletariat-versus-the-aristocracy vibe mixed in. Liberte!

What logo design news did we miss? Tell us in the comments.

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