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Logo Design News This Week (5.30)

Welcome to another Friday, the day each week when we take a look back at the news from the world of logo design. Here are the news items that caught our attention this week:

Howard Bison Logo DesignHoward University, based in Washington D.C.,  unveiled a new logo this week. The school’s old logo looked an awful lot like NFL football team Buffalo Bill’s logo. The new one doesn’t. Development of the new design began in 2014 and solicited input from students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders. The horns on the logotype is a bit cheesy, but effective—and not inappropriate for a college like Howard. But that icon is nice.

Derry City and Strabane council in Ireland has a new (and very expensive) logo. Town residents are upset that it cost £30,000. Yeah, that seems a bit high, but it’s a well-designed mark.

Kasich Campaign Logo DesignIt seems as if we post a brand new logo for a Republican candidate each week—sometimes more than one a week. And today is no different. On Tuesday, Ohio Governor John Kasich became the 16th person to enter the race and introduced a new campaign logo to inspire voters to listen to him. Or something. We like the bold, trustworthy font treatment. And the icon isn’t bad. This logo differs from most of the others already unveiled in its simpleness.

Runkeeper Logo DesignRun keeper, an app used by millions to track their physical activity, made a big change to their logo this week. Dropping the very fit and competitive running man icon, the company has adopted a new friendlier R icon that looks like it’s meant to be a jumprope or a shoe lace. The change is likely to appeal to the company’s core customers—women. We like the updated font, but that icon is horrendous. The way the lace is broken with odd angle cuts (where it intersects with itself) is annoying. And the orange handles on a blue rope just doesn’t work for our sense of style. And the icon doesn’t go with that font. Not a great update.

A nice write up of the recent change to the Mr. Coffee logo.

2016 All-star Game Logo DesignThis week the San Diego Padres unveiled the new logo for the 2016 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Compared to most all-star game logos, this one’s not bad. But it is crowded with all of the required elements: the MLB logo, the game’s name, a visual or textual reference to the stadium where the game is played, plus the host team’s logo and a date. This one’s got it all. And yet, we still like it.

And in other sports logo news, the Hartford Hawks have a new logo. So do the Milwaukee Admirals.

Did we miss anything you saw? Let us know in the comments.

One Response to “Logo Design News This Week (5.30)”

  1. Creating a new logo is a great way to rebrand but is expensive to undergo so ensure you get it right! Agree with you about the run keeper logo – the shoelace is a bit fussy and falls at odd angles!

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