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Logo Design News This Week (5.31)

After nearly three weeks off for some time at the beach, we’re back with another round up of logo design news. Here are the biggest news items we saw from the last 20 days or so.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Logo DesignTokyo is the host for the 2020 Olympic games. And five years before the opening ceremony begins, they unveiled a quirky geometric logo with a catchy video. It’s a significant departure from recent Olympic logos we’ve seen, which tend to be curvy and colorful. Rather it’s more like the Mexico City Olympic logo from the 60s. First impressions are mixed. Wired calls it “a confusing geometric mess”. Others note that the while you can see a T, you also see a L, which doesn’t seem to represent anything. Overall, it’s a pretty daring design. We suspect that this mark will get more popular as the games approach (unlike the dreadful London Olympic logo design). And, it’s not plagiarism. In other Olympic logo news, the Australian Olympic committee got a new logo this week too. We like it.

More sports logo news: The University of Akron is changing its logo from an A (for Akron) to a Z (for Zips, the teams’s mascot and name). And the University of Hartford has a new logo too.

Miami Football Club Logo DesignKeeping with the sports motif, Miami Football Club (or FC as soccer fans like to say) announced their new logo this week. The club will play in the NASL which is the US’s minor league. Like so many other soccer clubs, Miami’s design is shaped like a shield. And it appropriately includes design elements that suggest a hurricane, although the team suggests that these are really swaying palm fronds. The design also features a soccer ball globe and the most Miami color, orange. One thing is for sure, this mark is eye-catching. If you’re a soccer fan in South Florida, you probably like this well-designed logo.

US Soccer is reportedly going to announce a new logo sometime next year. But someone leaked it early (or at least, people think they did). Given how long until the logo is supposed to be announced, we’re skeptical.

New StubHub Logo DesignTicket Reseller, StubHub, has a new logo, its first redesign in 15 years. The old logo was dated, so the redesign is intended to give the brand a more modern look and feel. The company’s PR director said the new look is a reflection of the company’s evolution. But we’re at a loss as to how the same basic logo (now with simpler lines and admittedly a cleaner, better look) reflects anything new. Regardless, it’s a nice update.

It appears that Marvels’ upcoming made for Netflix series, Jessica Jones, has a new logo.

New Penn State Logo DesignPennsylvania State University, or Penn State as they are better known, updated their logo and it’s nice improvement over the old design. But fans get very attached to the school’s existing designs and a lot of Penn State fans don’t seem to like the update as much as we do. Some are upset about the cost. Others that the process didn’t include students or alumni.

SF Weekly has a new logo. Some people see a swastika. They’re seeing things. On the other hand, this lion logo is a bit of a problem.

Google Alphabet Logo DesignWe usually wrap up with the latest Google logo. This week Google announced its reorganization and a new holding company, Alphabet, and a new logo to go with the company. Compared to the amateurish logo for the search site, this holding company logo is well done. It’s not perfect, but it shows the company has improved its design chops.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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